Roll Call Classic Car and Vintage Motorcycle Meet at Hawksfield Cornwall

May 4, 2017

We tend to complain about social media robbing us of appreciating life but I see it the opposite way. I guess what it boils down to is following the right people. When you follow uplifting, positive, adventures, creative people, every time you’re on social media, you’re being inspired and learning new things.

The other thing I like is that places I like who use social media properly by posting about their events DURING their events so this is how I ended up the Hawksfield Cornwall and Strong Adolfos Classic Cars and Vintage Motorcycles day.  Continue Reading…

Treat Yo’self April

April 22, 2017

Spring has truly arrived, the birds are singing, the tulips are blooming and the sun can finally be felt by our skin! Everybody has cheered up and we’ve all begun to clean out the old and prepare for a few months of absorbing Vitamin D.

With Spring in mind I have put together a Spring themed Treat Yo’self collection for April. From sunglasses to flip flops and fun things in between, once again, you’re spoiled for choice! Continue Reading…