15 Ways to Live Life Bold

March 19, 2015

Life isn’t meant to be bland, beige and boring. It’s way more fun when you life life bold and be daring – far better stories to tell your grandkids or anyone who’ll listen when you’re old and wrinkly! 

Even if you don’t have absolute creative freedom over yourself and your life, you can still find some fun ways to let your funky side shine.

1. Dye your hair a crazy colour, because you can

2. Buy a leather look jacket in a metallic colour

3. Add a glitter topcoat to your regular nail polish colour

4. Make friends with your crush with a take it or leave it attitude

5. Unashamedly give compliments

6. Smile at the cashier and ask how they are doing

7. Never ever rebuff compliments, just say thank you

Be Bold and Confident

8. Book that ticket, you’ll have more incentive to save the money for the trip

9. Introduce yourself as if you’re the most confident person you know, shake hands firmly and give a big smile

10. Only wear clothes you LOVE, beige and boring don’t belong in your life

11. Ditch the gym and take up pole dancing, horse riding or karate

12. Enrol in a self defence class, I highly recommend Krav Maga, in fact I think it should be compulsory!

13. Say no to things you don’t want to do and don’t feel guilty. Those who truly care will respect your boundaries

14. Say YES! to invitations and intuitive inspirations, don’t doubt or talk yourself out of it, you never know what could happen

15. Wear red lipstick even when you’re just running errands 😉

BONUS: Add a statement necklace to everything you wear!

What are some ways you feel more confident?

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