20 Cool New Things To Do This Summer

May 7, 2015


20 Cool New Things To Do This Summer

At some point in our lives, we ask ourselves, “what the hell am I doing with my life?”. Some of us leave the job we’re in and pursue work and a life that is more meaningful. Other’s sell everything and travel the world. But you don’t really have to be so drastic in order to bring more meaning and fun into your life. Sometimes all you need is a summer season.

Here’s a list of 20 things to do this summer

  1. Archery classes
  2. Singing lessons
  3. Private acting tuition
  4. Go on a yoga retreat
  5. Pole dancing or burlesque classes
  6. Learn to ride a horse, or just enjoy an outride for the dayHorse riding boots with hat and jodhpurs
  7. Cookery classes
  8. Explore healing therapies like crystal healing, kinesiology, reiki and EFT
  9. Volunteer, with animals, children or abroad – you won’t regret it volunteering at rural school in South Africa
  10. Photography classes
  11. Videography classes
  12. Go stand up paddle boarding – not as scary or hard as surfing!
  13. Take an online personal development or entrepreneurial course
  14. Get your scuba diving certification
  15. Take a belly dancing class and learn to love your belly
  16. Try martial arts, Thai Chi or Karate (I highly recommend Krav Maga for self defence)
  17. Go paragliding, it’s exhilarating!
  18. Try longboard skateboarding

Longboard skateboard and helmet

19. Read a non-fiction book every week

20. Go wild swimming!

How many of these things have you experienced and what would you love to experience from this list? 

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  • ShortGirl-In-Fashion May 13, 2015 at 8:11 pm

    Hahaha love this post! Full of cheeky little ideas that would be amazing to do – if you set yourself the task of doing these, you’d have such a laugh with friends. Thanks, i’ll be trying a few! xo