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April 2011


A Homemade Country & Coastal Wedding

April 11, 2011

Unusual Wedding BoquetI had the pleasure of attending the homemade wedding of two very good friends of mine this weekend. It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended, most of the people attending are all close friends of mine and all of us love the couple very much. Most of us also live in the same town where the wedding took place. Continue Reading…


Lazy Sunday Links (or This Week I Learned…)

April 10, 2011



Currently Loving!

April 7, 2011

  • Winning the pub quiz second week in a row! 24 pints of cider between 4 of us! (ouch!)
  • Sunshine!!! After a gruelling UK winter right after I got back from 2.5yrs in Australia, I am glad to see the sun again!
  • Starting my day with a green smoothie, definitely feeling the difference – I am much more positive and energised these days 🙂
  • Stocking up on super foods; Maca Powder, Cacao Powder and Bee Pollen!
  • Receiving an email from my biggest fan telling me to expect the new iPad 2 to be delivered to me soon!!!

  • Getting up early and watching an epic morning set of swell roll in, then watching a guy in his business suit beg off work before changing into his wetsuit and running down to the beach! Brilliant! Wetsuits are the only suits anyone should wear!
  • Spending the day organising and grooming; wax, hair dyed, room tidied, things sorted, lists made!
  • The local backpacker’s hostel being a proverbial lounge/meeting place for everyone who ever lived there and who now still lives in the town and in turn always being warmly welcomed when I walk in and someone I know always hanging out there.
  • Actually feeling good about all the parties/events (bar my friend’s wedding this weekend) I will be missing because I have taken a sabbatical from alcohol and socialising in the presence of men in order to re-wire the neurons in my head that are addicted to destructive behaviours.  (Dont know what Im talking about? Watch “What The Bleep Do We Know“)
  • Enjoying music from Doves, The Stone Roses and Melody Gardot
  • Telling myself and my body nice things to wire my neurons positively!
  • Looking forward to my friend’s wedding this weekend where I will get to see just about everyone I know in this town and watch two of the best people get hitched.
  • Being able to still fit into the special occasion dress I bought in Australia that I havent yet worn!
  • Smudging myself with Sage given to me by a friend after a particularly emotional day this week
  • Having said friend to talk to when I needed someone most
  • Said friend owning my previous cat and him being a huge, pillow shaped ball of cuddly fluff to bury my face in
  • Being pinned into my bed by two Siamese cats and the feeling of relief when they finally bugger off and I can stretch out!
  • Laughter!!!
  • Living in a town where I am 110% guaranteed to bump into someone I know whenever I step out my front door

  • Taking the dog down to the harbour to see if we can say “hi” to the resident seals
  • Really enjoying a waitressing shift in a restaurant on the beach, made a nice change to the way my brain normally functions
  • Well behaved dogs!  That you can take for walks off-leash who dont attack other dogs or run away or run into the street!
  • The beautiful flowers in my room making me smile each time I look at them!
  • An hour long chat on the phone to my mother, who despite us being back in the same country, I hardly ever see because of her work
  • Positive thinking! Manifesting! Attracting! Vibrating! Yes-ing!
  • Beautiful online friends and those who support me and the emails they send me to say thank you for inspiring them!
  • Receiving gifts!
  • Going without make up!

Getting To Know The Dame…

April 6, 2011

Here are a few answers to some questions I found on my new favourite website Tomboy Style!

(Me, age 4)

If not in England, I would live in… Costa Rica or Australia (sunshine, space and happy people!).

My dream holiday would be to… do a surf, hike and yoga trip to Costa Rica.

My current obsessions are… green smoothies, learning photography, going for walks, wavy hair, yoga.

I channel my childhood self when I… am creating or organizing; there’s always been a constant dialogue between left and right brain.

The fictional character I most relate to is… Auntie Mame.

If I had to be outdoors all day I would… ride horses, tend farm.

My favorite quality in a man is… humour.

My favorite quality in a woman is… straightforwardness.

My cocktail of choice is… strawberry caipirinha.

My guilty pleasure is… Incubus.

My friends and I like to… hang out in the lounge or on the beach talking and laughing.

If I could go back in time for one decade it would be… to the 1920s.

As a teenager I was totally into… horses and Nirvana.

I tend to splurge on… food.

My dream car is a… 1960’s VW passion wagon bus (I was conceived in one!).

My celebrity crush is… Natalie Portman, Jessica Biel and Emma Stone; Josh Hartnett, Channing Tatum and Joaquin Phoenix.


Taking a Break from Facebook…

April 6, 2011

A while ago I saw a video of this guy standing somewhere on a busy street in an Asian city, holding up signs about the whole Facebook debacle and how you should get off Facebook.

To be honest I couldnt help wishing I could friend him in Facebook… What!? He was cute! And intelligent! And creative!

Anyway, while I really minimise the stress that Facebook can cause by…

a) Not adding people I dont want to know about my life, or who’s life I dont care about
b) Hiding updates from people who bored me to tears
c) Making all of my photos only viewable by my friends and no one else
d) Never indulging in stupid apps and games and blocking those apps that other people like to flood my feed with

(I currently have a little over 100 friends on FB, including my awesome mother, thankfully, I dont have any other family!)

…I often think about deleting my Facebook, but because I travel so much, I have friends all over the world, so I keep it.

But I check it all day as I go about my work and having given it some thought, it takes up too much of my time and puts unnecessary information into my head where I could rather be spending that brain power, uninfluenced and instead manifesting my dream life.

So this week, I am vowing to check my Facebook only once per day, at night, after Ive completed my day. I want to see what my brain can do without the added information from Facebook.


Links I Loved This Week!

April 1, 2011

We all need to hear this!

Twin Babies Having a Deep & Meaningful