3 Inspiring Travel Books

December 29, 2016

If you can’t get away to travel as often as you’d like, there are many beautiful and inspiring travel books that you can find to take your mind on an unforgettable journey elsewhere. 

I’ve selected three travel books that I have personally read and which I found to be utterly compelling and quit inspirational. Each of them of very different. A long walking journey to avoid the pain of grief, a search on another continent for life’s purpose and a raw look at how losing our wildness has affected our humanity.

Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found

Before the movie came out, I was feeling like I wanted to go on a very long walk, perhaps around the perimeter of England, I wasn’t sure, I just felt like walking far, far away and with intent. Thankfully I found Cheryl Strayed’s brilliant book about her own very long walk, far, far away and with intent. This is an absorbing, heart wrenching and cathartic story of grief, self-punishment and coming home to one’s self.

Into the Wind: My Six-Month Journey Wandering the World for Life’s Purpose

I remember watching this kid’s Youtube videos a few years ago and found his talks inspiring so I picked up his book which is full of realisations about life and himself as he travels around Australia. In it he learn important lessons from the people he meets and the experiences he has along his journey.

Wild: an Elemental Journey

I’m currently reading this and it’s one of those books that really shakes things up. Jay writes with such raw honesty and a very deep look at our humanity and it’s affects around the world and what we can learn from this, the overarching theme being that we have lost our wildness and how that has affected us. Brilliant and compelling.

What travel books have you read that really inspired you?

3 Inspiring Travel Books

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