8 Essential Travel Apps I Never Leave Home Without

January 5, 2017

Essential Travel Apps

I rely quite heavily on a handful of apps I now consider to be my essential travel apps that I can’t do without whether I’m traveling locally, in Europe or internationally, they all play a part in making sure I get where I need to go, stay at a great place and discover the best of the location I’m in without over-paying or getting lost in translation!

My Top Three Essential Travel Apps


I pretty much book all of my accommodation through Booking.com. It’s super easy and you can sort by price and find out all the info you need to know about each place you’re interested in (like if the place is noisy which is a big no-no for me!). You can book many places without a booking fee, and most places offer free cancellation. I’ve booked everything from apartment stays in Budapest to hostels in Costa Rica with Booking.com. I’m now a Genius member which means I get a discount and special customer service on all my bookings as I’ve used them so much!


I spend a long time on TripAdvisor researching the place I am gong to be visiting; saving activities, restaurants and other recommendations. I found out about Budapest’s cat cafes this way and I like leaving reviews for everywhere I have been. I often will check out accommodation on here too, you can never have enough reviews!


I would be lost without the xe.com app! I’m terrible with numbers so I rely on this app to tell me how much of my currency everything I need to pay for will be. I will often hide somewhere in a  shop and quickly look up how much an item is to see if I can afford it within my travel budget. 

Super Handy Travel Apps I Always Use

Google Translate

This has become a treasured app for me after repeatedly having the phone put down on me when trying to book a taxi from the Tuscan countryside in Italy! Eventually I found a smidgen of wifi in among the olive tree fields enough to find out how to ask for a taxi from the road we were on! 

I always try to speak as much of the local language as I can. I know how to say hello, please, thank you and goodbye in about 4 languages and when I am in the country, I try to memorise the most used phrases like, “where is the bathroom please”, and “can we have the bill please”. This app comes in real handy if you’re in a cab with a non-English speaking person too!

App In The Air

App In The Air is a newly acquire, but for me, an essential travel app that came in really handy when I had SIX flights to take between home and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica! I could see what time I needed to be at the airport, how long the flight times and stop over times would be and as someone with adult ADD who can never remember these kinds of details (I once showed up at an airport a day early…), it’s a godsend! 


Now Rome2Rio came in really handy when my mom and I went to Tuscany in 2015. We flew into Pisa and then took the train to Florence and then the next day, took the train to Lucca and back. This app very neatly showed us all bus and train times and prices, including taxi and Uber options! By the way, Italian train prices are PEANUTS compared to the UK’s extortionate prices! 


Honestly, some places when you arrive you just cannot be bothered to try and find a taxi and after a long and tiring trip, you just want to be pampered. Uber is always nearby, comfortable and friendly, and I don’t need to have cash on me which is great for someone who might have forgotten to exchange money before traveling (ahem, come on, I have ADD!) 

Use code: uberthedameintl to get a free ride on me! 

Google Maps

I mean, this is a given if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before, but I’ll be honest, I usually use TripAdvisor’s downloadable city maps to find my way around, and I also like that TripAdvisor’s maps show the places I have saved, however, if there isn’t an available map for where I am, Google Maps is always there to help me not get lost. 

What essential travel apps do you use when you’re off on an adventure?

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  • Amy-Anne Williams January 7, 2017 at 9:35 pm

    Yes same here! Minus App in the Air, I’ve never used that before, but it looks pretty sure. And six flights? God, I bet that was exhausting.

    Little Moon Elephant

    • The Dame Intl January 8, 2017 at 1:24 am

      It really was! I slept for a couple days when I got home.

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