A Weekend In Brighton And A New Tattoo

February 16, 2016

Brighton in February

February 5th was my birthday and I wanted a new tattoo. A new tattoo from Petal’s Puppet at Angelic Hell, a perfect excuse to spend the weekend in Brighton. 

After researching places to stay on Booking.com we picked the boutique hotel 27 Bed and Breakfast and off we headed down the highway to the coast. 

The Hotel

No 27 Bed and Breakfast, Brighton No 27 Bed and Breakfast, Brighton No 27 Bed and Breakfast, Brighton No 27 Bed and Breakfast, Brighton No 27 Bed and Breakfast, Brighton
No 27 Bed and Breakfast, Brighton No 27 Bed and Breakfast, Brighton

No.27 Bed and Breakfast is a spectacular boutique hotel owned and run by a charming couple, one of whom is from Cape Town and an interior designer, his tasteful eye displayed all through this beautifully decorated hotel. The rooms are tiny but so carefully decorated that it doesn’t matter. However, the best thing about this wonderful little hotel is their incredible breakfasts cooked by your hosts. I have never had such a delicious breakfast! I definitely didn’t want to leave! 

The Tattoo

Tattoo by Natalie Gardner at Angelic Hell Angelic Hell, Brighton Tattoo by Natalie Gardner at Angelic Hell Tattoo by Natalie Gardner at Angelic Hell

Natalie Gardner, known as Petal’s Puppet on social media, had recently moved from Suffolk to Brighton to tattoo at Angelic Hell and I followed her all the way to Brighton as I had planned on her tattooing me for a while. I had asked her to do a leopard coming out of the jungle as a cover up of an old blue lined tattoo that I no longer enjoyed. She specialises in nature tattoos and was the perfect choice for my tattoo. She is absolutely sweet and brilliant at her job and never once lost her temper at my constant squirming that I could not help no matter how hard I tried! I had the worst restless leg syndrome and the cover up tattoo was unbelievably painful. She tattooed like a trouper even though I was having a melt down! The result as you can see is a testament to her incredible talent, especially as she has only been tattooing for around 3 years! 

I went back a week later to have the rest of the tattoo completed and here is the result.

Tattoo by Natalie Gardner, Angelic Hell, Brighton

Where We Ate

Birthday dinner

Birthday dinner was had at Edendum which was recommended to us by the place we wanted to go but who were fully booked. The Prosecco we had was the best I’ve ever drank and our dinner was wonderful, as was the service and the music in this new restaurant. 

img_7317 img_7323

The next day we ate an amazing lemon and basil posset at a restaurant I forget the name of and can’t find anywhere now, all I remember is that it was on the corner of the main shopping lane with the huge thrift store on it!

Lemon and Basil Posset

Later on we had an incredible Thai dinner at Muang Thai

Thai restaurant, Brighton

On our last day we finally got to squeeze in for lunch at Food For Friends which lived up to it’s reputation and cannot be blamed for being always fully booked! 

img_7435 img_7432

Shopping and Sightseeing in Brighton

You will never run out of things to do in Brighton! The shopping is amazing, from independent boutiques that lure you in with their scented candles and interesting bits and bobs to the cavernous thrift stores full to the brim of all manner of things to investigate. We spent around 2 hours in one of these and only saw a 1/4 of the building! The Lanes are where you want to explore and you will be spoiled for choice with many wonderful places to stop for a bite or refuel with a great coffee. We even happened upon a pub with a resident cat who slept in a box on the bar! There is amazing street art to marvel at as you wander between shops and if you feel like something a little more cultural or if it’s raining, I highly recommend a visit to the Brighton Pavilion, it is gobsmacking inside and an absolutely must visit.


Brightly coloured terrace houses in Brighton img_9716 img_7311 img_7307

There is so much to see and do in Brighton, I am always up to visit again, and again! 

See my previous posts from another tattoo themed visit to Brighton. 

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