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Who is the dame behind The Dame?

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Hi, my name is Lisa.

After years of working boring office jobs I decided to figure out what truly lights my fire, 10 years and all kinds of unconventional jobs later I’ve found my calling is to motivate and inspire others to choose themselves and design a career they love. I’ve taken this site from a lifestyle blog to a lifestyle design and personal development blog focusing on creating work that is true to you. In 2015 I will be launching an online course and 1:1 lifestyle design coaching.

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The Fun Details

I am a self taught Jill of all trades – freelancer, photographer, DJ, dancer, animal volunteer, graphic/web designer and video producer.

I enjoy art, tattoos, horse riding, longboard surfing and skating, dancing, travel, photography, writing and design.  I am also a slightly obsessive cat lover. My heroines are Mae West, P!nk and Juliette Lewis. In 2014 I completed my training to become a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I am currently learning to become a Modern Mystic.

I am based in Suffolk in the UK and always on the look out to feature creative women who have designed their own careers so please do contact me if you fit the description or know of someone who does!

My Personal Motto

Live life bold. Blaze your own trail, live life on your own terms and be unapologetic about who your are and what you like.

  • http://www.journey-keeper.com/ Nadya Booyse

    An ex patriot I see. Only now do I see that you are also South African, although I rather like to think that we are all simply Earthlings. But it is still nice to see that South Africans are also doing stuff. :p

  • http://wwww.visakanv.com Visa

    Love the hair, and the attitude! I will be following <3

  • http://www.youyeti.com Yeti


    I didn’t see a blanket email address to send this to – so I hope this will be ok.

    So i wanted to be a good samaritan and get you a “wish list” item from amazon…being i have been enjoying the blog, and tweets – along with the view (you in your entirety is a very attractive one).

    anyway, you will be seeing a package soon – but being amazon.uk seems to have some issues with cross country gifts….it will be addressed to Geoff Lee. This of course is me – but the item is for you.
    I hope you enjoy.

    p.s. Tamara is oddly my favorite artist as well – so, your taste is extra refined.

    • https://plus.google.com/109216927181343878191 The Dame

      Well! Thank you very much! I just checked my “Purchased” list on Amazon and am extremely pleased at the gift you chose, I cant wait to show them off!

      And you know what, they are the perfect gift to me right now. Today I got a massive hit of inspiration to upgrade my life and these are the perfect shoes to take me into my new life!

      Thank you very much for your generosity.


  • http://www.mytruthsetsmefree.wordpress.com Nadine Marie

    Hey Lisa, thank you for visiting and following my blog. You have an intersting journey. May your path continue to be illuminated and may you continue to be Divinely led and guided. Much blessings, namaste. ♥♥♥Nadine Marie♥♥♥

    • https://plus.google.com/109216927181343878191 The Dame

      Thank you Nadine Marie, what a lovely heart warming message, Namaste xo