Affordable and Unique Valentines Gifts To Treat Yoself With

January 31, 2017

Affordable and Unique Valentines Gifts

Where’ my single ladies at!? Even if you’re single, you have even more of an excuse to treat yo’self for Valentines and this month’s Treat Yo’self is all about affordable and unique Valentines gifts for you (or for a loved one). You don’t need to be in a relationship to treat yo’self to a gift or surprise someone special to you with a unique valentines gift.

How about throwing a “Galentines” party with your girls and gifting them something from my selection? I made a Pinterest board especially for us single gals who want to celebrate their “palentines” too!

As per usual, I’ve curated an epic list of unique but affordable gifts for you or your friends. I will also take any of the things I’ve found! 😜

Unique Valentines gifts from Etsy

I tried to keep the items below £50 and there are honestly a ton more items I could have included so I recommend following my Etsy Favourites list to stay up to date with all the unique items I find.

Cat Coven Mug | Astrology Palm Reading Ring Holder | Spring in The Air Watercolour Print | Moon Child T-shirt |  Deco Earrings | Heart Dot Pouch | Gun Metal Bracelet | Lip Print Clutch | Butterfly Sunglasses | Sequinned Purse | Winged Necklace | Black Marble Shoulder Bag | Amethyst Ring | Snake Pin | Purple Perfume Bottle | Grey Velvet Lingerie

Curated Gifts to Treat Yo’self To

Which basically means that I would like all of these items for myself, thank you please 😂

Unique Gifts From Independent Creators On Instagram

Hello my name is Lisa and I am an Instagram addict. I spend embarrassing amounts of time on Instagram and I follow over 800 people that I actually do want to follow, because fuck that follow for follow ish already! But that means 800+ interesting and entertaining peeps to keep up with! The upside is that I find some incredible tattoo artists, painters, jewellery makers, crafters, the list goes on and I’m passionate about introducing them to you too!

House of Need Ladies Rings

Marry yourself with one of these stunning rings from House of Need, I have the heart shaped, multicoloured Silver Screen Alabama ring which I married myself with! It is named after the iconic female character Alabama Whitman from the film True Romance. If you’re looking for a badass ring for your boyf, they have so many to choose from too.

Alabama Heart Ring | Lucky 13 Ring | Amber Mai Ring | Cobra Snake Ring | Emerald Tear Drop Ring

Bloody Mary Metal JewelleryIf you like their style, another awesome edgy ring maker is Bloody Mary Metal. There is so much that I like on their site, especially the Anwen ring and they’re made right here in Cornwall too!

Anwen Ring | Bad Cat Ring | Belladonna Ring | Dagger Drops Earrings | Calypso Ring | Lightning Bol Signet Ring

These prints from Made Au Gold are so fun and there are plenty more on their site. I particularly like these four

Palmistry Print | Goal Digger Print | Bat Anatomy Print | You Had Me At Meow Print | Wake Up Be Kind Kick Ass Print

Another amazing maker is Quiet Clementine who makes the cutest ceramic ring dishes, pot plants, jewellery and other bits and bobs. I love the colour combinations she uses! Here are four of my favourite items but honestly, I could buy half her stock!

Dash Patterned Ring Dish | Green Gold Dot Ring Cone | Lily Pad Sunburst Necklace | Mini Colour Block Patterned Bud Vase | Hexagon Patterned Ring Dish

How about something truly unique, unusual and one of a kind? Natalia at My Soul Design makes plush soft sculpture creepy crawlies, moths, owls and other creatures that you won’t find anywhere else! I especially love her mushrooms.

Soft Sculpture Black Moth

I’m really super into chunky, handmade jewellery that isn’t too perfect. There seems to be a huge market for delicate jewellery but I much prefer something that looks one of a kind and is as big as my energy so can withstand crazy spur of the moment adventures and won’t break easily. I have three jewellers to introduce you to…

BobbiJ makes stunning metal smithed rings using abalone shells. I love the misshaped edges and the feeling of having the ocean with me wherever I go and I especially love how these rings look and feel expensive too.

BobbiJ Abalone Shell Rings

Now if you’re looking for something super over the top, Adina Mills makes crazy epic pieces with giant pieces of crystal and stone that you can’t help feeling grounded wearing. I LOVE this quartz pyramid with fringe necklace and I don’t even like gold, but it is just so Goddess like!

Adina Mills Jewellery

Another maker that makes jewellery for girls with attitude is BCP Jewellery. Her pieces make my heart stop and I especially love the dragon chainlink necklaces!

Amethyst Twin Dragons Necklace | Mystery Druzy Rings | Smoky Empress Silver Quartz Necklace | Natural Geode Cuffs | Druzy Cuffs

Last but not least this month, I wanted to share with you the fantastic art of Pudding Baby. I have featured her before but she has new stuff out that needs to be appreciated.

Lolita Blue Print | Killing Moon Print | Honey Print | Audrey Print | Crimson Print

That’s it my lovelies! I hope you find something in this lovingly curated collection of cool and unique gifts for yourself or someone you love. If you love this list and know people who would love it too, please do share!

Comment below what items you like best out of this list, I would love to know!

Treat Yoself February

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  • Katie February 7, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    There’s some seriously good gift ideas in this post! I love the palmistry print and cat coven mug!

    Katie xx

    • The Dame Intl February 7, 2017 at 3:59 pm

      Thanks Katie! I spent hours putting this list together and now I want everything on it too! 😀