Amazing Hand Designed Ear Tunnels and Plug Jewellery on Etsy

July 16, 2014

I’m a little bit of an Etsy addict, I’ll admit. Plenty of hours have disappeared in a dreamscape of hand made and designed goodies on that website. I’ve also recently stretched my ears to 14mm and will soon be going up to 16mm. Why? Because the best hand designed plug jewellery and tunnels are around 16mm and up. The bigger the better even, although I’m not planning on having very large stretched ears. I just recently went up from 12mm and kinda missing these gorgeous crystal box plugs I blogged about last year.

If you’re supremely bored with the cookie cutter mass produced plug jewellery out there and want to pimp your ear gauge game, I’ve picked the best of the bunch (in my opinion) to show you and I do hope you head over to Etsy and purchase yourself a pair or few for your stretched ears. Word of warning, it’s extremely hard to choose!

lilltaluadesigns handmade tunnels plugs jewellery

Lilltalia Designs

evolve dragonfly glitter plug jewellery

Evolve Dragonfly

jingo studio ear gauges tunnels plugs

Ojingo Studio

oaks aesthetics high end handmade wood crystal ear gauges plugs tunnels

Oaks Aesthetics

prettyvagrantdangles prettyvagrantfeathers

Pretty Vagrant


Tiny Little Fun Bits

glitzgauge1 glitzgauge2

Glitz Gauge

handmade by leilu handmade by leilu2

Handmade by Leilu

prettybigplugs1 prettybigplugs2

Pretty Big Plugs




Blue Swallow Design


Twisted Dreams Merch

Pluggin Up Fancy

Pluggin Up Fancy


Modify Beauty

fearless plugs

Fearless Plugs

edgy sister

Edgy Sister


Luna Chick


Dead Face Plugs


Love Kills Boutique

unique streak

Unique Streak


Gauges Plugs Tunnels


Pretty In Plugs

Like I said, some pretty epic stretched ear jewellery to choose from here! I love that a lot of them you can wear and no one would know your ears are stretched which is a good thing for when you need to go places and see people who might disapprove. Personally, I love the ones where you can see that your ears are stretched.

This post was curated by myself for the love of it. If you would like me to feature your brand or product (in keeping with the theme of my blog), please get in touch.

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