August Favourites

August 29, 2014

I have a bumper August Favourites post and video this month as I acquired a number of cool things that make me smile.


I got three pairs of plugs from Evolve Dragonfly and I am completely in love with them. I picked out various purple shaded ones which go from pearlescent, to glittery to Mother of Pearl wonder! Actually perfect for different outfits going from sweet to sassy to sparkly anytime I want!

evolve dragonfly plugs

IMG_6348 IMG_6362 IMG_6350 IMG_6361 IMG_6352 IMG_6363


Fox’s Amber’s Originals, oh my gosh yum. These are so hard to come by but I found them in my local Morrisons on sale for 74p so obviously I had to buy three packets, which took me two days to eat. I know, I paced myself!

amber's originals


A Letter To Momo, I mentioned this in my Movies I Want To See post and it was a delight as all Studio Ghibli movies go. Totally strange and absolutely captivating and sweet story about a little girl who moves to a new town and meets three monstrous guardians from the spirit world who cause all manner of chaos for her! You can watch it online here.


This month I discovered Half Moon Run (similar to Alt-J and Foals) and listened to Youtuber Troye Sivan‘s first single on repeat.


I finally picked up a T shirt from Stay Lucky Clothing who have a selection of awesome retro pinup lady head prints, an illustrated tall ship one and a rad plain T that just says “Lucky” on it. Apparently they aren’t re-stocking these T’s and are clearing them out with a 20% discount to make space for new stock, so snap them up while you can! The awesome prints also come in a sticker pack which you can pick up for a fiver!


stay lucky co stickers


Every week I take myself for a drive to explore more of Cornwall as even though I have lived here on and off since 2006, I really only know Newquay and a handful of other places I’ve only visited briefly. Last week I took myself to Falmouth which is a fishing village and has a beautiful bay full of quietly tinkling sail boats, an art college and your requisite hip stores for all your art students.

IMG_6268 IMG_6297 IMG_6304 IMG_6310 IMG_6316 IMG_6317


StyleLikeU provided two days of solid inspiration to me when I happened across their awesome site. They’re a mother and daughter who interview eccentric people on their wardrobes and lifestyles and I was utterly glued to their Youtube channel for an entire weekend. They have some wonderful body acceptance projects on the go and I highly, highly recommend checking the site out and watching their videos.


This week I discovered Holly Cassell’s The Persephone Complex. Not only is she way cool and pretty, she’s also an artist and feminist and I relate to her so much. New Favourite.

I’ve also become a new fan of World of Wanderlust, run by a young Australian girl who has been traveling alone around the world for the past 8 months.


I don’t know if you’re old enough but in the 90s there was this cool girl band called Four Non Blondes and they had a number 1 hit with “What’s Up” headed by Linda Perry. Linda Perry wrote “Get This Party Started” for P!nk and produced “Beautiful” for Christina Aguilera and has also worked with Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani. She now has a show on American TV called The Linda Perry Project where she mentors up and coming artists that she has hand picked in order to eventually sign one of them. Her personality and hard ass way of getting shit done immediately won me over and now I want to know where I can get a Linda Perry life coach! Also, she showed me that you can be a blunt, straight talking woman and be successful at the same time. So inspired.


I am a little bit obsessed with Etsy (follow my faves here) so when I came across these custom mouse pads from We Love To Create, I had to treat myself to one.

we love to create custom mousepad


Part of the reason I started this blog is because there are no magazines out there talking about the stuff I’m interested in, written by women. I like gadgets and geeky things, travel and culture and art of all styles, body mods and tattoos, fashion and beauty and inspiring women making a badass life for themselves among many other things and that’s what I try to bring to this blog but there are other women who feel the same way and one of them is the creator and editor of Things and Ink magazine, a tattoo lifestyle magazine for women. I reviewed their first issue and picked up their latest issue this month as well as Surf Girl magazine since I am now living in the UK’s most well known surf resort. I would much rather read a magazine that doesn’t patronise me and bash me over the head with body shaming, lifestyle shaming, beauty and fashion mongering madness like the majority of “women’s magazines” out there.


Surf Girl

IMG_6120 IMG_6121 IMG_6122

Things And Ink

IMG_6123 IMG_6124

This month features tattoo artist Antony Flemming.


You can also watch me talk about all of my favourites here

What’s been making you happy this month?

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