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September 29, 2014

Be Epic, Be You

Blog branding

As you can see, TDI has got itself a brand new look. I’ve been hanging out with my close friend Amelia Berkeley and her gorgeous baby boy recently and we got to talking about designing a new header for the blog. I showed her some pieces by Spires that I liked and she came up with what you’re looking at now. Bright, bold geometric shapes with an art deco inspired font. She was also kind enough to make personalised social media buttons for me and personalised quote meme templates.

I’m really in love with the design and I think it’s important to create custom blog branding if you want to be a professional blogger. I absolutely love blogging and I love to discover and share interesting and creative people, places and products with my tribe. If I want to be taken seriously, I need to have a custom design that is used across all of my social media on the web.

Blog branding should always be simple, clear and be unique to you, letting your reader know immediately what you are about. Just like how you dress shows the world what kind of person you are, the same goes for your blog design.

Top three tips on great blog design

  1. Keep it simple – always choose no more than 2-3 fonts that are clear (no handwriting swirly fonts that are hard to read!)
  2. Make sure your blog header fits across the top of your blog and communicates who you are and what you’re about.
  3. Use the same design (and profile picture) across all of your social media so that people can recognise you wherever they find you.

Working with a graphic designer

Working with Amelia was an absolute breeze, she just gets it so quickly and sent over a selection of blog headers for me to choose from the next day, I immediately liked the one you see above. I only wanted her to change the font from serif to sans-serif as that’s what I’m into and remembering that I had talked about my love for art deco in the past, she returned with this fantastic font! Including quote memes to carry the branding across everything that I do.

It’s important to be very clear about what you like and don’t like when working with a graphic designer, show them examples of what excites you and let them ask questions, they need to be crystal clear on what you want and if you’re not entirely sure, a graphic designer is always happy to give you examples to guide you to an idea. There is nothing worse than going back and forth a million times between yourself and your graphic designer because you don’t know what you want, know before you hire, their time costs money and nobody likes being messed around.

Also, don’t be afraid to speak up if you don’t like something, remember, they are an artist, they can only interpret what you tell them, if you want some elements of the design changed, say so, they want to do the best job they can for you as much as you want that from them, so again, make sure you know what you want before you hire.

If you can’t afford a graphic designer

Hey, up until now I’ve done everything myself. A few month’s ago I bought the theme this blog is using and worked with the designer to make a couple custom changes on it. I’ve also used free online graphics services PicMonkey and Canva to make my graphics and I was really precious about what I had created almost reluctant to let go of them and let a pro replace them with their work but honestly, my blog branding looks so much more professional, by having a professional do it!

If you’re designing your own stuff and don’t feel like you have an eye for graphic design, remember to keep it simple. Easy to read fonts and not too many clashing colours, shapes and textures. Take a look at other professional bloggers who inspire you and you will see that their branding is all very simple with usually up to only three colours used.

Remember, no one wants to spend time on a blog where the text is hard to read, or isn’t broken up with images and headings, there are too many clashing colours and it isn’t immediately clear what the blog is about.

Hire Amelia!

Of course, if you are looking to pimp your blog design and social media branding, get in touch with Amelia, she may be covered in baby drool but she is never ever grumpy! Ever the ray of sunshine and so super talented, she would love to take your branding design to the next level!

I’d love to know what you think of the new branding for my blog and if you would like to know more tips on blogging professionally or just pimping your blog, let me know in the comments and I might do a blog series or free ebook (designed by Amelia of course!), what do you think?

Big love!

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