#BOSSBABE Women Entrepreneur Inspiration

July 21, 2014

boss babe

One thing I feel the world needs is more focus on women who are doing it for themselves, breaking the glass ceilings, building their own businesses and paving a new way for business in the future. Most women’s magazines, I feel, are too focused on fashion and beauty and which celebrity married or broke up with who instead of promoting women who are building their own “fempire”.

I’d like to re-address the balance by promoting badass biz babes wherever I can and it starts with¬†Team #BOSSBABE.

If you have Instagram I highly recommend that you follow @teambossbabe if you are a babe with business on her mind. Team #bossbabe post badass inspiring quotes and notes to keep you on your game. If you’re a fempreneur (that’s a female entrepreneur if you didn’t know already) this is the perfect “big sister” that cheers you on as you build that babeing empire of awesomeness.

A movement of badass established & aspiring millennial business women.

Here’s just some of their inspiring notes for every badass business woman, I’m sorry, #BOSSBABE, out there:

#bossbabe #bossbabe #bossbabe #bossbabe #bossbabe #bossbabe #bossbabe

You can follow team #BOSSBABE here: Instagram / Twitter / Tumblr / Youtube / Website


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