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Street Art: Pichi And Avo

May 17, 2015

hairless cat graffiti pichi avo

If ever there were a time to say “I can’t even…”, this would be it because that’s how I felt when my eyes clapped on these incredible street art pieces by Spanish duo Pichi and Avo. Continue Reading…


Artist: ONEQ

October 2, 2014

If you’re not following me for the art I discover alone, then I don’t know what you are doing with your life! I absolutely LOVE finding so many amazing artists around the world and introducing new people to them. This week, it’s all about Japanese artist, ONEQ.

53c9b0053008ca9a1d42b6b25f626aa0 Continue Reading…


Artist: Sara Golish

September 26, 2014

Prepare to feast your eyes! Sara Golish has done two series of portraits featuring African/tribal women and they will keep you engaged and delighted for a long time. Personally, I want an entire two walls in my home dedicated to both the collections. The detail in each stylised bust is just so stunning and I get such joy from looking at these.


Continue Reading…


Artist: Therése Rosier

September 8, 2014

If you are looking for some simple film noir and hollywood artwork for your home, look no further than a commissioned piece by Therése Rosier. Therése is a Czech based pin up artist and alternative model from Prague. Her paintings are imbued with femininity, sensuality and sexual tension and are known to be bewitching paintings with soul.

1599318_624797180925848_1054089632_o Continue Reading…


Tattoo Artist: Dani Green

September 2, 2014

Look at this incredible tattoo artist! I’m crushing hard on her and her work and if I ever have the chance, I will definitely get something done by her.

Dani Green has only been tattooing since 2013! So what we have here is a born talent my friends.

Dani Green Tattoo Artist Continue Reading…


Artist: Mimi Yoon

August 26, 2014

Recently I discovered Redbubble, it’s a lot like Society 6 in that you can purchase prints etc from independent artists. One of these artists, caught my eye immediately with her highly stylized and beautiful women, some sensual, some with a punchy attitude and some even for comic books.

Mimi Yoon Artist Continue Reading…


Mural Artist Faith47

August 18, 2014

My mom sent me the link to this amazing artist’s Facebook as she is South African and her mural’s that blend with the surrounding environment are just absolutely gobsmacking!


Faith47’s work can be found in many locations in South Africa and various other international cities around the world. The style and the mood of her work is clearly recognisable, and is incorporated into the texture of the urban environment.

Faith47’s early work was inspired primarily by the social realities with which she is faced in her country. She was interested in juxtaposing the vast difference between the promises of a better life brought in with the “New South Africa” post-Apartheid and the harsh reality of the lives of most South Africans. Her Freedom Charter project, which featured phrases from the iconic freedom charter document on inner city streets, is a good example of this. Other issues dealt with in this period revolve around various social issues facing the country.[1]

In later work, a pre-occupation with existential symbolism become more prominent. The human condition and our relationship to animals and nature are recurring themes. Faiths newer works seem to be parables, pointing to ethereal meanings. A subtle mixture of the hard realities of the human world with mans spiritual yearnings and aspirations to find an inner understanding.

street-art-by-Faith47-Tel-Aviv-Israel faith47 Faith47,_the_taming_of_the_beasts Faith47,_rhapsody faith47-pull-land-4 faith47-hunting-for-witches faith47_street_art_24362346 Faith47_indigo lights rose from our silence1 (1)_1000 faith47 - saturation.incubation.illumination-1 faith47 - alas! [3] DAL-x-Faith47 10374875_729580573731163_8579958211549848315_n 10371740_731085930247294_2485120669259695711_n 10369604_731086536913900_8249518367366155942_n 1601263_669266829762538_1584943672_n 10003672_705538532802034_1041281526_o 1978617_706822102673677_1761226535_n 1959251_736043309751556_5087527339623034883_n 1530557_662771803745374_982081435_n 1511848_691009170921637_1040526586_o 1479240_645340385488516_1850720536_n 1013223_734799619875925_4004283749535125950_n 1501815_655152134507341_601132662_n 1526921_662253340463887_1369112219_n 1554392_662253077130580_1175005499_n 10370818_760399550649265_3976167750309522918_n 10492317_760399227315964_8209479073548099400_n 10561715_772125862809967_2616150083360825994_n 10457943_771039306251956_1580488183261828320_n faith47 - infinitud del universo 1535632_661409663881588_1524075809_n 1530413_661408347215053_649228513_n 11257_776145872407966_821612028857802674_n 10354727_769623573060196_2211473691818010807_n 10455250_755366191152601_5842868282461957773_n 10547654_776149525740934_6075318738634817627_n 10400045_776163755739511_8917058219484940329_n 10563035_776166842405869_6963851343119740516_n 10577135_768434513179102_9129297958084913006_n 10614203_776162702406283_3000009694640145030_n 1797322_689425681079986_1268550201_n 10171901_729581180397769_103700898306383037_n10372241_729581040397783_8867082297995778977_n10371674_729581203731100_6193318809312627605_n

Facebook / Twitter / Website / Vimeo


Tattoo Artist: Freulein Fux

July 24, 2014

If you’re ever near Berlin, Germany and looking for a beautiful feminine tattoo, I highly recommend catching a train over to Magdeburg and paying a visit to Freulein Fux.

131365_641776595878558_1851749655_o 921378_648285081894376_2098473561_o 963937_603208169735401_188055229_o 980983_607106889345529_814715093_o1512130_685872034802347_8619865460075141174_o 1052600_545086265547592_379088995_o 1077242_635920499797501_76445743_o 1146763_671895272866690_401698465_o 1397749_603408579715360_1688087858_o 1554510_685233478199536_677618712036009696_n 1781143_646826892040195_201305817_o 1796927_693644060691811_1632845366584627617_o 1890444_666007776788773_1269212498_o 1909339_649713455084872_2056268428_o 1974392_668262116563339_84161012_o 10293727_682315675157983_3905822899542680664_o 10317809_702982746424609_6576195298580584628_o 10535666_732535406802676_9146022922266454555_o10009990_703794033010147_2055148025448727652_o

Iron Heart Tattoo and Piercing 
Breiter Weg 13 
39104 Magdeburg 
Tel: 0391 – 544 89 77 / Instagram / Facebook


Illustrator: Rik Lee

January 20, 2014

I’ve posted about the wonderful illustration art by Rik Lee before as well as his clothing brand so I thought I would update you on new stuff in his store. Take a look!

cards1 coloring-book-1 DG4 girls-card-set Hopeful-Romantics1 mall-rat PE Rose stickerz_1 Tiger-Lady-Pic You-_-Me