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What’s Important To You?

March 11, 2015

what's important to you

It’s important for me to wake up naturally without an alarm, to have my days free to do as I please, to work from anywhere in the world, to inspire and be inspired, to be 100% true to myself, to never feel obligated, to have the financial freedom to afford spontaneity :)

I make this my reality by being my own boss, doing work I love that I can do from anywhere in the world.


What’s important to you and how do you design your life to fit that?


Screw What Other People Think

March 11, 2015

screw what others think

You will always be a prisoner of other people if you care what others think.

Do you, be unapologetically authentically you and those who love you will love you, those who don’t who cares? You aren’t on this planet to please everyone and everyone can’t be pleased! There will always be some people who don’t like your ish, so what, that’s just life, keep doing you because the more you that you become, the more confident and happy in yourself you become. <3


Live Life Bold!

March 10, 2015

Live Life Bold

This is pretty much my motto. We can get so stuck in how we think we should be living or how others think we should be living (even worse, don’t do it!), but what about what you want? When do you get to do what you want to do? And oh yeah baby, of COURSE you are ALLOWED to DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!

How will you be brave this week and do something for you, or even change your entire life?

A fabulous life is a courageous life, grab it by the balls and do your thing!

Ready to make the leap to a freedom based lifestyle, leaving your boss, your commute and that annoying office small talk behind? We need to talk.



You Are Not Standard And That’s OK

March 9, 2015

you're not standardized

Don’t feel bad baby. You’re not failing, the system is failing you. You don’t fit in, you’re not a cookie-cutter shape, you don’t think in limitations, your understanding of the world is grander than they expect of you and that’s absolutely ok. Do your best and when you’re finished school do whatever you want. Put that brilliant mind to work to design a life that you want to wake up to every single day. You were meant for more, don’t believe what school is telling you, you don’t fit in because you’re a misfit, a renegade, a maverick and the world is waiting for your special gifts. <3


Surround Yourself With Positive People

March 7, 2015

Choose Your Headspace

Want to up level your life? Then you need to spend time with people behaving and living at the level you want to be at. Spend time with five broke people, you’ll be the sixth, spend time with five happy peeps, you’ll be the sixth.

This also applies to what media you pay attention to. Don’t add negativity to your life. The news is NOT important. If it’s life threatening you’ll know about it but you don’t need to fill your head with negative and slanderous news and tabloids every day. Choose your headspace.


Act Like A Queen

February 27, 2015

People Will Treat You How You Let Them Treat You

One of the things I am always telling people is that people will treat you how you let them treat you and if you yourself don’t think you deserve to be treated a certain way, well, you know what’ll happen!

It’s like, when you go into town dressed like a slob VS dressed well and then try to experience the same level of service. You always get treated better when you’re dressed your best.

First, decide you are worthy, then, don’t let anyone treat you any less. And if you’re worried people may leave you if you stand up for yourself then GOOD, they were only around you because you didn’t call them on their shitty behaviour.

Are you ready to live life on your own terms and actually enjoy what you do for a living? Let’s chat.



Give Yourself Permission

February 26, 2015

Give Yourself Permission

Nobody is going to give you permission to go after your dreams and live a life on your own terms. In fact, there will be many who will actively discourage you because they feel safe where you’re at, if you change, everything changes, but you don’t live for other people, you live for you and what’s in your heart.

If you’ve been desiring something different, a new way of living, you desire it for a reason and it means it’s available to you but you need to step up to the plate, CLAIM IT and make it happen.

If you’re ready to make the leap from being employed to being your own boss and you need the courage and a plan to do so, I am your dame, let’s have a chat today, I’m here to help you make your dream life a reality.