The Coastal Coves of Cornwall

May 20, 2017

Bedruthan Steps and Kynance Cove are probably two of the most photographed coves of Cornwall and rightly so, they are both very beautiful in their own ways. 

Walking along these rugged coastlines, being tested by the ocean winds really breathes life back into you while brushing out the cobwebs.

There is so much detail to take in, not only the vast expanse of the sea but the pattern of broken rocks slowly growing away from the coastline over eons to the many different flowers and grasses and types of rock as well as the bird and bug life.

Bedruthan Steps is known for it’s series of large rocks that have broken away from the cliff edges leaving a pattern that look like steps for giants.

The walk down to the cliff edge is slopping and meandering and not at all indicative of the treacherous and scary steps down to the actual beach!

I’m not sure if you can tell from this photos but these steps are almost vertical! They are also quite large and on that day they were very wet with a strong wind coming off the coast!

I held onto those railings with a vice grip to investigate how far down they go and going down was easier than going up, either way was pretty nerve racking though!

Certainly not from the faint of heart…

I enjoyed a lovely long walk along the South West Coastal Path and stopped to listen to the beautiful bird song along the way.

One of my favourite things about living in Cornwall is the spring and summer birdsong (not including seagulls of course! They can go to hell haha). I’m still learning what birds are what thanks to my mom who has become quite the avid bird watcher but I certainly love to listen to them 🙂

When my mom came down for a week, we took a drive down the coast to the Lizard Peninsula to visit Kynance Cove in Mullion. It was a beautiful sunny day with a cold wind.

I’ve seen so many photos of this beautiful coastline and cove that I was eager to take a drive down on a perfect day to have a look.

Mum taking in the incredible view.

I had no idea the coast here was so breathtaking and there must be a special kind of energy here because I was just speechless at this view and didn’t want to leave!

After a lengthy stroll over rugged pathways and ground blossoms, we took the steep climb down to the beach over massive stones and up to the Kynance Cove Cafe.

They have picnic benches as well as deck chairs on the slopping bank in order for customers to enjoy the view of the beautiful ocean over a pot of tea, ice cream cones or slices of cake.

It was a wonderful day to explore this beautiful coastline and breathe in the fresh air.

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