Create The Perfect Boudoir Bedroom

September 15, 2015

Create The Perfect Boudoir Bedroom

Did you know that “boudoir” literally means “sulking place” in 18th century French? I think that’s so delightful!

To me, a boudoir is a secret, opulent, private and womb-like place to hide away and well, sulk if you want. I mean, you don’t have to brood about a particularly hard-to-get lover, you can pout about not getting the Tiffany earrings you really wanted from one of the guy’s courting your attention 😉

Aside from sulking, boudoir’s are for sexing and snoozing and the perfect boudoir bedroom is made up of sumptuous fabrics and sensual colours like purples other jewel tones. My personal bedroom is black and purple with black furniture, a black leather bed and headboard and purple bedding and curtains. I use black room dividers to darken the walls as I live in a rental and I just love to hide away in my private boudoir bedroom of dark secrets! 😉

As you can imagine, my room is quite dark so I’ve started incorporating some silvers and greys to lighten it up a little. Shopping around the internet for more items to make my bedroom even more boudoir like, I started to put together a collection of silver, pewter and grey items I think would make an excellent place to get up to mischief or sleep off your latest shenanigans.

Floor Length Curtains, with Tie-Backs

Iliana Curtains by Kylie Minogue

I think the thing that really makes a bedroom into a boudoir is a lot of draping of luxurious curtains and sexy lace voiles for the windows so that you still have privacy even with the curtains open, and then adding pretty curtain tie-backs to keep some mystery while the curtains are open.

I always think curtains that have just been tied-back look so much better than curtains that have been slid to the ends of the rail. Curtain tie-backs can add a touch of sparkle to your room and can be matched to your style of curtain. Wether you go for something plain or something more luxurious like these silver velvet curtains from Kylie Minogue’s homeware range at Yorkshire Linen, make sure they don’t over power the room.

Lace Voiles

Lace Voile Window Panels by Yorkshire Linen

These beautiful pewter lace voiles from Yorkshire Linen are absolutely divine and add a beautiful touch to your windows enabling you to let the light in without allowing prying eyes to look in at the same time.

Tufted Headboard 


Nothing says sexy-time like a bed with a tufted headboard, wether in velvet or leather it really does dress the room up. The one pictured is an entire bed frame from Decur on Amazon in Fondant.  Adding a soft furry blanket over your bedlinen adds another lush touch if you can’t afford to change your headboard to something more opulent. Dunelm have a velvet bed frame with tufted headboard in a cream colour for about half the price.

Blanket Box Ottoman


I also think a chenille ottoman that doubles as storage is perfect as a blanket box, a place to stash your cash or simply to keep your secret diaries 😉

Soft, opulent cushions

Cushion 1, Cushion 2, Cushion 3



silver rug

Nothing ties a room together like the perfect rug. Place under or next to your bed to anchor everything together.

Bedside Lamps

gunmetal grey lampshade

Matching bedside lamps just make a bedroom look dressed, get some in a darker colour to add pops of contrast to the rest of the room.

Ceiling Lamp

crystal ceiling lampshade

I don’t generally like the chandelier ideas but I thought this simple and neat crystal ceiling lampshade would add a lovely touch of glamour to your boudoir bedroom.

Inspiring Art

La Dormeuse by Tamara De Lempicka poster

Personally I love the art of Tamara De Lempicka, but you can choose anything that will inspire you to be who you want to be, like prints of your favourite badass ladies.

Long Mirror

long silver mirror

Everybody needs a long mirror to marvel at their own beauty and ensure your skirt’s not tucked into your tights before you go out. This silver edged mirror is just so perfect for this understated boudoir theme.

You can also add boudoir-like touch to your bedroom by changing all your coat hangers to velvet ones, much more luxurious and your clothes don’t fall off the hangers!

What else would you add to a bedroom to make it more boudoir-like? A hot man would go nicely haha and perhaps a fluffy white cat!

This post in collaboration with Yorkshire Linen.

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