Curing Acne Naturally

August 22, 2014


I’ve had acne my whole life and only now, in my mid 30’s is my skin clear, bar the odd spot here and there. Unfortunately I am left with a lot of acne scarring and envy of those who have perfectly smooth skin. While I can blend out any redness in my skin with make up, there’s not much I can do about the dents and craters! I have spoken about my lifelong battle with acne before and how conventional methods didn’t work for me as well as how I would rather go the route to curing acne naturally.


Clear skin starts in the gut. If you’re not eating right or even digesting properly, your skin will break out. For me, dairy products aggravate my skin. For some eggplant/aubergine and tomatoes can aggravate acne prone skin. And if your digestive tract has been damaged, you need to start there.

Aloe Vera Juice

I recommend taking Aloe Vera juice (either in your daily juice/smoothie or on it’s own), it really helps to sooth your gut.

Active Acidophilus-20 Pro-Biotic

Also supplementing with a good, high count bacteria pro-biotic. Those two together will make a big difference but you also need to clean up your diet.

Chlorella Tablets

I swear by Chlorella tablets for clearing up my skin. I take 4 tablets after a meal and my skin is clearer than ever! Chlorella is plant blood, which is the closest to human blood, so it goes without saying that it does wonders for cleaning up your blood.

Slow Release 1000mg Vit C

Vitamin C is a MUST HAVE ITEM in your home. If you just take one 1000mg slow release tablet a day, you should never get a cold, if you do feel a prickling, double or even triple your intake and I promise you that you will kick that cold in the but before it even gets a hold of you. Not only that, but it also works to clear up your skin but deleting all the gunk that collects in your system from living in this day and age and the pesticides etc on your food. Slow release means it doesn’t go straight down the toilet and actually has an effect. Any time I feel my throat start prickling (which is hardly ever), I bosh a couple of these before bed and wake up right as rain the next day.

Skin Care

One thing I learned about oily, acne prone skin is that if you strip your face of it’s natural oils, it works double time to put more out there. This is a bad thing, so don’t clean too hard! That’s where cream cleansers come in. They are not harsh on the skin and if used with a face towel, you can gently scrub off the day without stripping those essential oils from your skin. Trust me, taking away the oil makes your skin produce more and you don’t want that.

Trilogy Cream Cleanser

I like Trilogy’s Cream Cleanser. It might be a little bit pricier than your high street store brand, but it has a lot less nasty cancer causing cosmetic chemicals in it. From their website: “Trilogy has an international reputation for producing ethical, sustainable, high- performance natural skincare.”

HNZ Blemish Cream

Honey New Zealand / Manuka Doctor’s Blemish Cream with UMF 16+ Manuka & Propolis, Vitamin E and Witch Hazel. I. swear. by. this. I have never in all my 20 something years of acne treatment used anything so effective and this is made with natural ingredients. If you don’t already know about Manuka Honey, well, honey in itself is highly medicinal, an anti-bacterial often used on wounds, Manuka honey is like the super hero version of normal honey, that’s why it’s usually so expensive to buy in a store and the higher the + amount, the more expensive. It’s also great to put in hot herbal tea for a sore throat. Anyway, back to this wonder cream. I put it on a spot before I go to bed and depending on the spot it will either be gone by morning or significantly reduced and no longer angry. Death to face demons!

The tube above is what I have been using with amazing results but apparently it has now been rebranded to the tube below. I have not used the Manuka Doctor one yet as I only just recently found out that the HNZ tube is out of stock everywhere (apart from the HNZ website but then you would have to pay for shipping from New Zealand). I am currently trailing HNZ’s Intensive Repair Cream and it’s working just as well!

Manuka Doctor Blemish Cream

Clean Diet

This should really be the first point in this post. It should be the number one thing you do for your skin. To keep it simple, I’m going to make a little list of what you need to include more of in your diet in order to crowd out the stuff that isn’t the best for your skin.

  • Drink more filtered water. I keep a Brita jug on my desk and drink at least one full jug a day. A great way to include more water in your diet is to drink a glass on waking up. This wakes up your digestive system and gets it going, cleaning out anything from the day before.
  • Include more whole veg and fruit. This has become so cliched and for good reason, they make all the difference! If you’ve never had a good experience with vegetables, try steaming them instead of boiling them and if you do boil them, only boil them till they’re al denté, that way they won’t be soggy and devoid of nutrients. I love to nibble on carrots and hummus, raw is even better!
  • Reduce refined sugar as much as possible. Check labels for sugar levels, you will be shocked at how much sugar is in your low-fat yoghurt! Stay away from diet sodas (they are full of poison!), full fat sodas (goes without saying) and concentrated fruit drinks. Switch to brown sugar instead of white sugar, use honey, eater darker chocolate. 70% dark chocolate can still be very satisfying and you won’t gorge yourself (neat trick I learned!).
  • Try going without dairy for a week or two and see how your skin reacts. Switch to organic milk and reduce your intake of it. Non-organic milk is full of bovine antibiotics, udder puss and all kinds of nasties! In fact when it comes to dairy, go organic.
  • Smoke and drink less. I know you might be in your 20’s and living for the weekend (I know I was!), but I can tell you right now, hard partying wrecks your skin! Smoking especially, not so much with acne, but you will develop major wrinkles.

At the end of the day, you don’t need to cut anything out straight away, just add more good stuff and you will be consuming less bad stuff until eventually, you won’t crave the bad stuff anymore!

What tools do you use to treat acne naturally?

I trained at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in order to become a certified Holistic Health Coach because I believe in food as medicine and working with the body to heal. My knowledge comes from years of trial and error, self-education in nutritional therapy and graduating from IIN. 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon UK, if you buy something on Amazon as a result of clicking one of my links, I will earn a very small percentage of each sale.

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  • fathima August 22, 2014 at 11:00 pm

    Great article! So glad you’ve found a cure 🙂
    I have the same problem, but I’m convinced mine is more hormone related than diet. I was put on the pill for it many many years ago and it had somewhat stabilised in the past few years – and then I went to a homeopath for something else and she was horrified that I’d been on the pill that long coz apparently that’s really bad. So I stopped it and all hell broke lose via my skin and it’s pretty much at its worst right now. (You know when you cringe when you catch sight of yourself in the mirror? That phase.) Trying to damage control now but not sure if I should go back on the pill or hang on a bit and hope it’ll stabilise… It’s the worst.
    Sigh. Anyway, thanks for your advice! I’ve tried Zinc supplements in the past and found that helped a bit, so I’ve just gone back onto that.

    • The Dame August 22, 2014 at 11:04 pm

      Oh hun, I went the pill route when I was younger too, it messed me up so much, it triggered depression in me, all sorts. I will never touch that shit again!

      I def. recommend giving my suggestions a go and drinking loads of water, try squeezing lemons or limes into it too and yes, Zinc does help 🙂