My Daily Make Up Basics

July 30, 2014

daily makeup basics

I don’t often leave the house but when I do, I like to have my face on but I also like to keep it simple. I watch Youtube Makeup Guru’s and I’m just floored at how much goes into making a flawless face. Layer upon layer of this powder and that cream, it’s really not something I have the patience to do, although I admire those who can and do!

I think BB creams were invented for me! Thicker than a tinted moisturiser and often with an SPF, they really are the perfect consistency for these hot summer months, not too thick in the heat and not so thin that my acne scars are still visible.

As mentioned in my Summer Beauty Products video, I’m currently using Elizabeth Arden’s Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion SPF 15. I got this in a tester somewhere one day and loved it. It’s a very light cream, so perfect for my oily parts but moisturising enough for my dry parts. I’ve also noticed less spots since using it and more glow!

Once I’ve moisturised, I apply some Laura Mercier Foundation Primer to my T-zone and large pore areas. I don’t know why it’s taken me until 2014 to start using a primer! What joy, I can conjure away at least 3 years from my face ;).

Using an awesome two-sided foundation and concealer brush I picked up on Amazon, I apply Rimmel’s BB cream. I find this one is the best out of the three high street brands I’ve tried (Maybelline and Garnier) for my skin. It gives great coverage, I’ve even stopped using concealer, and lasts quite well.

I then apply Model Co’s Cheek + Lips Tint to my cheeks with my fingers before using my Sigma E55 brush to apply a shimmery pearl eyeshadow from Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Palette to the brow bone and inner eye corner. Using my Techniques Base Shadow brush, I apply the gold colour from the same palette and just blend it all over the lid. I find this brings out the blue in my eyes.

I finish my eyes off with a couple coats of Clinique’s High Impact Mascara in an outward motion creating a cat eye look with my eyelashes before sealing my lips with Elizabeth Arden’s Fragrance Free Eight Hour Cream. I HATE hate the smell of EA’s Eight Hour Cream.

SOMETIMES, if I’m in the mood, I’ll smudge a gel liner into the corners and create a small cat eye which I’ll blend with a Techniques accent brush (something I learned from Samantha Batalash – OMG LOVER HER SASSY SELF!).

And that’s it, I am literally ready in under 10 minutes on the daily by keeping my makeup simple.

basic makeup face

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What’s your daily make up routine? Do you take your time perfectly contouring your cheekbones and lining your eyebrows? Or do you keep it to the bare minimum? What are you makeup essentials you couldn’t go without? These would be my essential make up basics!

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