Design Your Own Custom Jewellery With Mink And Stone

September 29, 2015

Mink and Stone self-designed custom beaded jewellery

Above you are looking at a beautiful beaded custom jewellery bracelet that I designed myself on Mink and Stone‘s website. 

I was expecting it, but I immediately fell in love with the process of designing my own beaded bracelet or necklace. Just looking through their website at designs by other customers as well as their Instagram feed inspired so many ideas for more one of a kind jewellery.

The site is so easy to use. You select which kind of jewellery you want to make, a bracelet or a necklace, and then you have the fun task of picking your favourite beads and then dragging them from your virtual tray onto the bracelet line. I really loved the process!

Once you’re happy with the design, you simply hit publish and choose wether or not you would like to make your design available to the public to purchase from the website. Once you’ve paid, and you can see how much it will cost at the top of the screen as you design – the price changing depending on the beads you add, you receive your custom designed by you jewellery in a beautiful little bag a short while later. They even post a picture of the finished product to their Instagram.

I find designing my own jewellery even more special as it’s something you made, exactly to your liking, and you can do it again and again. My bracelet (which you can purchase from Mink and Stone) came to a very affordable £15.55. The price of each bead is clearly visible as you design also so it’s very easy to stay within a budget if you need to. The beads do come in different sizes, so you will play around a little bit choosing and designing with the beads and that’s all part of the fun. To complete the bracelet the string needs to be full, so you either need to add more beads or you can shorten the string if you need to.

I opted for a mixture of Swarovski and metal beads in green and complimentary shades which makes me feel quite fancy when wearing it because it reminds me of cash money baby! 😀

minkandstonebracelet - 1

I think this is just the perfect gift for any friends or family that you’re not sure what to give them as you can send them a gift card for them to design something special to them or even just purchase something from the website you’re sure they will love.

Disclosure: I was given a £15 gift voucher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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