Dixi Jewellery

December 12, 2013

So I’m pretty much hyperventilating over these beautiful esoteric jewellery pieces from Dixi. They sell out super fast so go there now and get your special totem. I’m not a ring wearer but these rings could change my mind! If you want to know what to send me for xmas, here’s your list!

Shop_Dixi_Natural_Quartz_Dipped_Crystal_Necklace bsi1eEa Dark_Side_Druzy_Moon_Necklace_01 Eclipse_Dark_Druzy_Necklace_02 Eclipse_Dark_Silver_Druzy_Ring_01 Flower_Raven_Bird_Skull_Necklace_02 Fortune_Teller_Gypsy_Rose_Quartz_Necklace_01 Kitty_Rings_Silver_02 Midnight_Dreamer_Druzy_Crystal_Ring_Style_02_Img_01 Moonwalker_Ring_Big02 Ocean_Child_Midi_Ring_02 Opalite_Ring_02 Perigee_Unicorn_Tears_04 Shop_Dixi_Silver_Moon_Crescent_Moon_Arrow_Moonstone_Midi_Ring_04 tRYXCNb WEBSITE9 WEBSITE11 WEBSITE18 WEBSITE19 WEBSITE25 WEBSITE32 Wish_Box_Necklace_Antiqued_01 Witching_Hour_Crescent_Moon_Necklace_02 xVYjpFl Amethyst_Moonstone_Crystal_Bullet_Necklace_01

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