Doing It For The Car

September 30, 2014

I’m on a transformative mission at the moment. I feel like I am finally cracking out of this cocoon. I have my idea in hand, I’m working on the details of turning it into a six-figure business. My bench mark of success, is this car:

Audi A1 Black

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not just building a 6 figure business so I can drive an Audi and by all means I’m sure I could drive something even more fancy if I was pulling in that kind of money, but for me, the Audi A1 is all I need. Yes, I have a taste for the Maserati’s and the Aston Martins of the world, but I don’t need one and I don’t need to break my back to get one. Just driving a beautiful Audi is enough for me.

To keep me on my goal, I humorously say, “I’m doing it for the car”. For me, buying and driving that Audi will be the day I know I have reached my goal. It will be my reward to myself that says, “you did it girl”, you built a business from the mess that was your life.

Which brings me to questioning who I need to be to drive that car…

I’ve just been sitting here in bed with my laptop looking at the brochure for the Audi A1, looking at the interior picture of the dashboard helps me imagine myself driving it and then it dawned on me, “who do I need to become to drive this car?”.

Audi A1 interior dashboard

And I don’t mean that in changing myself in a negatively material driven sort of way, but I mean as a business minded woman. I’m coming from being a “Goldilocks Gypsy”, going from one place to the next trying everything and everywhere to find what fits me and healing myself along the way; that girl, and the woman I am currently, doesn’t drive an Audi and isn’t quite at the level of someone who does.

So not only is this Audi my benchmark of success to me, it is also a representation of the woman I aim to become. Steadfast in my way, clarity in my work, grounded and grown.

Of course I will drive that car with coloured hair and tattoos, but inside me, I will be the kind of woman who has a 6-figure income from her own business inspiring others and that’s the woman I aim to be.

Oh and, why an Audi A1 you might ask? Well, originally I had my sites set on the A3, I just love the design of it, but it is such a common car and then recently a couple people passed me on the motorway in their sassy A1’s and I was sold. I love the sporty, two-door design, it’s perfect for a woman who doesn’t want kids and is all about being a boss! 😉

Oh yeah, mine will be in sleek, shiny black, to match my leather jacket.

Inside the Audi

Other things I know I will include in my life once I am running my badass biz: weekly massages, bi-monthly reiki sessions, tattoos by the best, travel often (especially in winter to warmer climates!), animal charity donations, detached house in the countryside on the edge of suburbia (no noise!) and my mom not having to work. Just take a look at my vision board!

Are you building a business? Do you have a benchmark for success that will be your reward once you’ve reached your goal? Tell us in the comments!

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