Don’t Be Afraid To Dream A Little Bigger, Darling

January 6, 2015
Just do it

A little pep talk I got from the Universe on Jan 1st.

Well, it’s here, a fresh and shiny new year, like a parcel in the post of something you’re excited to get and we seem to all be heaving a big sigh of relief the-year-that-shall-not-be-named is over and done with.

I’m still learning to acknowledge my achievements and accomplishments so I don’t have a cliched “year in review” blog post for you and to be honest, I’d rather not go over 2014, it was a tough year, there was a lot of breaking off the hard old crust, and now I’m feeling squidgy and soft and vulnerable, which apparently Brene Brown says is a good thing.

So I’m going to look ahead, and for the first time, I’m looking ahead with a modicum of strategy and systematics, not just hope and a wish. This year I want to accomplish all of the “I will’s” that I’ve been saying to myself for the past couple of months, actually be brave enough to step into the better version of myself and seriously kick some ass because mediocrity feels like there’s a spider in the room full of arachnophobes to me.

To begin with, I’m giving my year a theme. I believe I’ve done this before and the “word for the year ahead” was Trust but I’m still working on that one. When you come from a childhood of never ending instability and abuse, feeling safe and supported doesn’t come naturally.

So, my word, or theme, for this year is EXPANSION because I keep seeing the word EXPAND and something tells me to take notice of it, so I’m taking notice of it, testing out the feeling of it, liking how it feels, dipping my toes tentatively into this pool and I guess I have to take my new friend Trust with me or I will never get in and swim!

The other tools I am taking into this year with me are, investing in coaches, reading incredible and inspiring books for entrepreneurs, and putting my body first. YFS magazine recently published an article on how to “Lose The Start Up 15” meaning how to get rid of the 15/20/30 pounds you inevitably will pile on when you’re growing and launching your start up business. This has certainly happened to me and I’m seriously feeling it. I spend most of my day in bed on my Macbook or at my desk on my Macbook. I’ve grown a paunch that helps me slouch straighter only because it’s in the way of me fully bending over haha! Ok, maybe not that bad but I don’t fit into any of my clothes anymore and have become the kind of woman who lives in leggings and a baggy t-shirt… Which are supremely comfortable but not the best for your self-esteem.

And self-esteem is something I still need to work on. Yeah I know, The Original Muthafuckin Dame (that was my name on Myspace!) needs to work on loving herself more. That’s what last year taught me. So I’m starting with actual serious exercise, not just a hearty walk through the park now and then, but a 4 times a week HiiT/weight training/yoga practice.

Ugh, I’m already groaning at the thought as I type this reclined in my cosy bed, Macbook on a TV dinner tray, listening to a Cafe Del Mar chill mix on Youtube… But as this one meme I saw on Tumblr the other day said,

If you keep doing what you did in 2014, you will keep getting the results you got in 2014.

Sheesh ok Tumblr mom!

I’ve also taken to hanging around inspiring women who are where I want to be eventually, who are earning 6 figures A MONTH and building badass empires left right and center because as Peter Voogd says:

“If you hang around 5 idiots, you’ll be the 6th, if you hang around 5 successful people, you’ll be the 6th”.

He says a lot of good things, Peter, go read his book

But back to these successful women, I’m talking about Gala Darling (Radical Self Love), Denise Duffield-Thomas (Lucky Bitch), Carrie Green of Female Entrepreneurship Association (who also won last year’s Best Female Entrepreneur), Bossbabe Inc, The Girls Mean Business, Jessica Caver Lindholm, Kat Loterzo, Emily at I Heart My Life, Kimra Luna (Freedom Hackers), Star Khechara, Rebecca T Dickson, Ash Ambridge, Danielle Laporte (The Desire Map), Leonie Dawson, Ruth Ridgeway at Lifestyle Designer’s Hangout, Leah at Freelance to Freedom Project and magical ladies like Carolyn Elliot at Awesome Your Life. I mean these ladies are all at different levels but they all have something to teach me and everyone else who wants to design a life they love and stop working for The Man.

Want to know what my BIG dreams are for this year and beyond? Here’s a no-holds barred list:

Big Dreams List

So, I’ve got something in the works, something close to my heart, something that feels effervescent and that is just busting to get out into the world. From all my years of self-study and healing, I’m putting all my knowledge and tools together into a program. I’ll be working closely with those people who are feeling stuck in a funk, somewhere I used to be too, a place I know I can mentor people away from and onto a more positive path and I can’t wait!

I’m working with my biz strategy coach this month to map it all out and it will be true to my heart and unique to my style. Those of you who have been following me for a while will be happy because I feel like I took a little detour for a while and I’m hoping you’re sticking around to see where I land because you believe in me and I want to be of service in the best way that I can. It just takes clarity and confidence, two things I’m presently working on. And sometimes you need to take a detour to realise you were on the right path all along.

2015 will be what we make of it, what are you gonna make of it?

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