Durban Beach Front

December 20, 2013

In the week that I was in Durban, it rained most of the time but I managed to take advantage of one sunny day and took a long stroll down to the famous, and newly refurbished, Durban beach front. Walking past the Moses Mabhida stadium which sits right on the beach, you find yourself on a long stretch of wavy paving that wasn’t there when I grew up. It’s wide enough to allow people to walk, skate, rollerblade or bike along at the same time as well as make way for police patrol cars which are unfortunately a necessity in Durban.

Durban beachfront

One of my most favourite things about Durban is the still standing Art Deco architecture in some of the hotels and apartment blocks. I have an undying love for Art Deco and yesteryear so I was thrilled to be able to snap a couple of the sea side buildings.

Art Deco buildings on Durban beachfront Art Deco buildings on Durban beachfront Art Deco buildings on Durban beachfront Newly paved walkway on Durban beachfront Durban beachfront skate park

I don’t know if this has always been there but there is a pretty cool skate park right in front of the Southern Sun hotel.

Skate park on Durban beachfront Durban beachfront street art

Beautiful and perfectly timed wall art by Resoborg.

Selfie with Mandela painting on Durban beachfront

Me and Madiba.

Surfers walking a pier on Durban beachfront Surfers waiting for waves in Durban

Beautiful, perfect surfing waves!

Durban beachfront sand art Durban beachfront paddling pools

As it was memorial day for Mandela, the beach was packed full of people who had come to pay their respects at the stadium earlier that day.

Durban shark attack facts Pink dress against striped sand

I managed to get myself a hideous “tourist tan” that day while watching the surfers from the pier, I had no idea I was burning until I saw myself in a mirror! Unfortunately, I had to cut my trip to Durban short and am now back in Gauteng until the new year without any real plans except to soak up as much sunshine as possible and to have a really good time!

*Please excuse the iPhone photos but I didn't feel that it was safe 
for me to walk around with my DSLR in Durban unfortunately.


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