The Entrepreneur’s Morning Routine

November 20, 2014

entrepreneur morning routine

This week I read this article about the morning routines of 12 successful business women. Most of them have children – and I don’t know how they do it – but it also gave me pause for thought about my own routine and how I can upgrade it to be more productive.

I specifically designed my life so that I could work from home however I please. So, my current morning routine is as follows…

My cat wakes me up somewhere around 5:30am for this breakfast and to be let out. I do this half blind before going back to sleep until my alarm goes off at 8:30am. I drink the almost full glass of water next to my bed and often check Facebook, Twitter, Emails and Instagram before getting out of bed. I then go downstairs to wash my face and make a coffee which I drink back in bed while journaling and playing my games on my iPad.

If I have to leave the house or shoot a video that day, I might get dressed and put on some make up but usually I will stay in my warm and comfy pjs all day. I go downstairs and crack open the laptop and pretty much get lost online until my stomach is grumbling so loud that I am forced to make breakfast at around 11 or even 12!

Sometimes I meditate after waking up, but not often enough.

Now I know for those of you who still work the 9-5 this must seem like a dream life to you and in a way, it is. I certainly sleep late if I feel I need to and not having to get dressed every day is awesome, also having access to my kitchen anytime I want is fantastic not to mention my cat is usually asleep next to me all day! However, I do work very long hours, but I don’t even notice them. It’s 23:37pm as write this, and perhaps I need to learn when to switch off, but I work best when I’m spontaneous.

I do feel like I could definitely make improvements on this routine however. I would certainly like to do even just 10 minutes of yoga to wake my body up, possibly a 15min walk outside and actually have breakfast in the morning instead of at lunch time, although sometimes I make a great smoothie which tides me over till lunch time.

I’m so glad I found out about Morning Pages, where you just basically brain-dump onto the pages for three pages and not a page more, not a page less. It feels like I’m getting my ducks in a row and letting out the thoughts that would otherwise just get jumbled with everything else I have to do that day. It’s a kind of meditation I guess.

I notice that almost every one of the women on that list exercises. I practically avoid it. I don’t mind exercise but I feel like I’m too busy to do it, like I have too much I need to get done before I can even think about taking that time out for myself. This is not a good move as I get burned out that way, but I do try to go for a walk in nature every couple of weeks. Now that it’s winter I am less likely to leave the house unless I really have to! But, I often wonder if there is a key to success in exercising. I know that it moves stagnant energy, helping you to have fresh new ideas and let go of old stuff, I just can’t seem to get around to it…

When I think about my dream life, I imagine my morning routine would be something like; wake up early, have a coffee/smoothie, take the dogs for a walk on the beach – which is walking distance from my dream house, do some yoga on the decking, meditate, get dressed in comfy clothes, THEN sit down to my desk by 9am to do emails, social media, help clients and create content! One day!

I want to know, what would your morning routine be like if you were living your dream life? Let us know on Facebook!

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