Maria Soromenho

October 18, 2013

Maria Soromenho’s first capsule collection is eccentric and interesting. A collection that is music and art conscious. Each piece is different and unique. An experiment of materials and different textures.

Each piece has a story, a song, a name. This is fashion that communicates an identity that turns a lifestyle into a look that can be translated into clothes. Maria aims to shape a generation and dress the agitators and I like that.

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I particularly love this piece above. Certainly something I would wear on a night out. I love how the different textures catch the light and set the wearer apart from the crowd.

In fact the longer I explore Maria’s collection the more I love it. The attention to detail is exciting and as a grown up raver, this collection really pulls at my teenage heart strings. Her juxtaposition of different fabrics, textures and patterns with added beading and stitch detail really set the wearer apart. Fashion for the avant-garde!

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maria_soromenho_capsule_collection maria_soromenho_capsule_collection

Maria studied Design in Lisbon, Stage Design in Paris and Womenswear at the London College of Fashion. She has been stylist assistant to Alicia Keys, Peaches, Crystal Kay, Laura from Ultraísta, Arlissa, Josephine and is currently studio general manager and in-house PR for Fannie Schiavoni while interning at Wonderland Magazine.

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