Favourite Female Youtubers 2.0

April 9, 2015

favourite-female-youtubers-2015Last year I made a list of my favourite female Youtubers when I first started getting into Youtube and since then, I’ve discovered new ladies I love to watch. These ladies are not beauty gurus (because there’s more than enough of those), but represent lifestyle, comedy and science & nature and I pretty much never skip any of their videos.

Helen Anderson

Like I’ve said before, watching one of Helen’s videos is like having a nice chat with a good friend and she’s also super creative with her videos, has the cutest puppies, the loveliest home and a funny & sweet boyf to match.

Maddie Moate

Brainy AND beautiful, Maddie focuses on talking about science and nature, so of course I love her videos and it’s so refreshing to see a woman on Youtube that ISNT a beauty or fashion guru. She also vlogged her new apartment and the interior decor she did to it which was so fun and she recently published a very personal video about a skin condition she suffers with. I love realness.

Mamrie Hart

Back when I posted my first list of favourite female youtubers, I was new to “The Holy Trinity” that is Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig. They are each funny and intelligent and creative on their own as well as together, but it’s Mamrie’s unique, crass and guffawing sense of humour that just absolutely makes my day. I think she would be amazing on SNL and I totally want to be her BFF.

Kiera Rose

Ever since I interviewed Kiera a couple years ago, I’ve enjoyed watching her videos, which just keep getting better. She has such a lovely and sweet nature about her and I of course relate to and enjoy her obsession with Xena: Warrior Princess!

Mary Elizabeth

Mary’s videos are so full of colour and creativity and as an interior decorator, I am always inspired by her great videos and eager to see what she puts out next.


Chatalash is the chatty video by Samantha of Batalash, the make up channel. Samantha is just so funny and sassy and of course gorgeous that I love it when she publishes one of her rare Chatalash videos. Oh and if you want to laugh till you cry, watch the Batalash girls eat habanero peppers!


Dry humour at it’s best. Lex is funny, irreverent, sarcastic and feminist, her videos always deliver.

Honourable Mentions

Zoe London – she doesn’t post that often, but I like her style.

Nibbles – alternative Aussie chick who is super creative with photography and totally down to earth.

My own Youtube channel has been a bit neglected this winter but I have plans to revive it. I actually have two channels. One is a very old account but has the most subscribers and videos, but in order to stay on brand, I started a new channel that has fewer subscribers and videos. Which do I nurture? The one with my old name or with my brand name? Why doesn’t Google just let me update the bigger channel’s username!?

Do you have a Youtube channel? And who are your favourite female Youtubers?

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