My Favourite Female Youtubers 2014

June 24, 2014

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time on Youtube looking for people who interest me. Unfortunately, the majority of famous youtubers bore me to hell. 99% of the women on Youtube are beauty and fashion vloggers and there are only so many haul videos I can handle before my eyes glaze over, also, they are all mostly early 20’s girls so I don’t really relate to them. I find there seems to be a handful of categories that do really well on Youtube, fashion/beauty, geek/gamer, comedy/skits, and of course, music and movies (reviews/trailers).

Honestly, I am still looking for a Youtuber that ticks all the boxes for me. Preferably a girl, who doesn’t ONLY do fashion and beauty videos, is a bit alternative looking (coloured hair, piercings, tattoos), funny, interesting, and unique. I’m still looking, but so far, I’ve found a handful of Youtuber’s who’s videos I look forward to each week, and here they are, my favourite female Youtubers!

Grav3yardgirlGrav3yardgirl – at first you can feel a bit overwhelmed at her in-your-face energy and loud voice, but you soon warm to her as she has a heart of gold and is genuinely entertaining in her own quirky way. She does a variety of videos, mostly, “Does This Thing Really Work?” where she reviews products as well as some beauty and fashion videos.

Katrin Berndt/WannyKatrin Berndt – This absolutely gorgeous white haired, pierced and tattooed Swedish girl is also quirky and funny and does a mixture of videos and never takes herself seriously which is such a breath of fresh air.

Kiera RoseKiera Rose – The British Xena: Warrior Princess. I have a major crush on her face. She is so sweet too and altho her videos are mainly fashion and beauty, they aren’t all focused on that genre. Her Xena cosplay is fantastic too, I love a fellow geek!

Jenna MarblesJenna Marbles – if you don’t know who she is by now, have you been lost on an island in the Chinese seas for 5 years? She’s just plain funny and not afraid to make a fool of herself which is always endearing.

TyrannosauruslexxxLex Croucher – sarcastic and funny British girl making videos about all sorts of subjects, I like the way she basically just takes the piss out of everything.

Samii RyanSamii Ryan – gorgeous American urban model with curves to die for and that very cool LA style. She does fashion/beauty but is also quite spiritual, I just love her style!

Deliciously EllaDeliciously Ella – beautiful clean eating Brithish girl who has started doing cooking videos, her website is well worth a visit if you need healthy eating inspiration!

Honourable mention: PiateedPiateed – She’s a young and very quirky Norwegian girl who’s sense of humour may be off putting to some people but I find her to be quite funny and really creative with her videos.

I’m also enjoying The Holy Trinity of Grace Helbig, Hannah Harto and Mamrie Hart together. I don’t feel like they shine as much as they do when they are together, altho I do enjoy them individually to a point, I however prefer it when they are making each other laugh.

So I would really love to know which Youtubers you love to watch, link me in the comments and be sure to check out and subscribe to my very own fledgling channel!

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