My Top Female Youtubers 2016

December 27, 2016

Female Youtubers 2016

I don’t have regular TV, but I do have an Apple TV so I mostly watch Netflix and Youtube. Since my post about my favourite female youtubers back in 2014, my tastes have changed a lot.

I am super into female travel vloggers because I like seeing the world through their eyes. I’m not that into makeup videos but I love the creativity of Kristen Leanne and the humour of Samantha which is why I follow them both on snapchat. The Holy Trinity – Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart – have become a firm favourite with me, especially Mamrie, I’m a super big fan!

As you all know, I have one itchy foot for travel and the other happily at home, so I’m also obsessed with home decor and home make over channels. The absolute best is Mr. Kate and I avidly look forward to their videos! Then Mary Elizabeth just has such a great eclectic style and finds wonderful things in thrift stores and flea markets. 

When it comes to the fitness chicks, I watch their videos more often than I take part in them *cough*… And whether or not you are vegan (I’m not but I like vegan food), Edgy Veg and Raw. Vegan. Not Gross are just cool ladies to watch. 

I’ve been a fan of Katrin Berndt for at least a couple years now. Her laid back attitude to life and awesome body mods keep me coming back for more. She has excellent taste. 

The Travel Vloggers

Raya Was Here – Raya is girlfriend to daily travel blogger FunForLouis and has been traveling a lot with him as well as solo. Her travel vlogs and inspirational videos are always beautifully shot and edited and an absolute pleasure to watch.

Nicole Eddy – Nicole is the South African girlfriend of daily travel vlogger Ben Brown and has also begun doing travel vlogs which get better and better with each one she produces. Her always sunny nature and brilliant sense of humour makes her videos very much worth subscribing to. 

The Blonde Abroad – I’ve recently started following her on social media and reading her blogs and I am always happy to find more well produced female travel vloggers on Youtube 🙂

Kristen Sarah – another funny and informative travel vlogger who’s videos are a pleasure to watch. 

The Makeup Gurus

Kristen Leanne – I love Kristen Leanne’s laid back attitude, every changing alternative style, business acumen and love for cruelty free make up. Her snapchat is worth subscribing too also. 

Samantha Ravndahl – Samantha is a great sense of humour and an amazing talent with make up. Watch out for her funny #epicfails stories!

The Comedy Gals

Mamrie Hart + Mametown – I cannot get enough of Mamrie, her sense of humour and comedy talent knows no bounds! 

Grace Helbig – Grace’s unique sense of humour has me in stitches, I especially love her monthly favourites and red carpet review videos. 

Hannah Hart – I’ve been watching Hannah since she started My Drunk Kitchen and nothing much has changed in terms of kitchen fails, life advice and plenty of booze. 

The Fashion Babes

Helen Anderson – Watching Helen’s videos is like having a cup of tea with a very cool and down to earth friend, she is super creative too and I just love her personality. 

Vintage Vandalizm – a dear friend of mine across the pond. You can’t really pigeon-hole Jasmin, she is a bird of many feathers with an insane sense of style and ability to find absolute gems in thrift stores. Follow her blog and read her interview I did with her. 

The Home Decor Dames

Mr. Kate – Kate and her man Joey make over other Youtuber’s homes, do DIY projects and Kate hand makes beautiful jewellery as well as showing us how they are renovating their home. She is another super talented lady who can turn a thrift store into a diamond mine. I LOVE their videos. 

Mary Elizabeth – Mary Elizabeth has awesome quirky style, amazing home decor and DIY taste and a super cute doggie. 

Tara White Talks – a new subscription for me, Tara focuses on minimalism but it’s her natural home and beauty videos that got me subscribed 🙂

The Fitness Chicks

Betty Rocker – a total badass of a lady who offers month long fitness challenges as well as do-with-her videos on Youtube. 

Zuzka Light – this gorgeous lady has a body to die for and one she works very hard to maintain, I love doing her 5min ass-kicking work outs after a long yoga video, to get the blood pumping and remind my body what it’s like to get out of breath! 😉 

The Kitchen Goddesses

Edgy Veg – I love her style and funny videos. I’m not strictly vegan, but I like vegan food 🙂 

The Lifestyle Ladies

Katrin Berndt – Katrin has such a fabulous laid back attitude to life and is just a very cool chick with great sense of style. 

Kiera Rose (see my interview with her here) – her videos range from fashion to Xena cosplay to vlogs about her life and her rats. 

Laura Miller – a new subscription for me as I used to watch her Raw, Vegan, Not Gross channel. 

The Nature Nerd Girl

Maddie Moate – I love her range of videos from science to nature and other interesting topics. 

Special Mention

Uhhhhh – simply THE most hilarious series on Youtube hosted by drag queens Trixie Matel and Katya Zamolodchikova. Their shows have me in absolute stitches every week!

Who are your top female youtubers?

ps: I also have a Youtube channel, head on over and subscribe, I’ll be doing travel and lifestyle themed videos in 2017 🙂

Top Female Youtubers 2016

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