February Fashion Wishlist

February 11, 2013

I pretty much only shop at four online stores because I really hate the crowds in brick and mortar stores and for some reason other women like to come and look at the very items on the rack that I am looking at, at the same time, effectively pushing me out of the way!  So rude!

My go to online fashion stores are boohoo.com, Missguided, MotelRocks.com and Nasty Gal and here are the must have items plumping out my wishlists at the moment.


patent stiletto ankle boots Excuse me while I have a heart attack!  My black dominatrix heart is struggling to compose itself in the face of these badass spiked patent cigarette heel stiletto ankle boots!  They are a MUST HAVE. spike toe cigarette heel stilettosThese spike toe cigarette heel stilettos are pretty badass too.  I actually hate wearing high heels but I make exceptions for stunning pieces. Both at boohoo.com boutique.


cindy-29.01.13-aj-12061_1_1 Perfect for summer festivals! cindy-29.01.13-aj-12209_4 I am SO into midi dresses right now (I currently have three!) and I love the tough ‘n casual look of this one. hannah_28.11.12_aj_retouchac_120__5 I’m not one to jump on fashion bandwagons and I already have a monochrome dress but I like this one for things like business meetings and how it makes you look thinner. hannah_28.11.12_aj_retouchac_152__2 Another great festival shirt. natasha-24.1.13-am-6840_1 Oh fancy! Lazer cut leather look white dress.  White is a powerful colour and I like the subtle classy cowgirl feel of this dress. studded_shoulder_sweatshirtThis top is in my favourite colour and finally someone put silver studs on something instead of the go to gold studs I keep seeing everywhere!  I can’t wear gold.  I am a cool coloured person so it’s been frustrating me that the best jewellery lately has all been in gold. Shop Missguided.

Motel Rocks

bonita_sequin_front__43736 This BABE dress screams attitude and I have days when I would wear this with pride 😉

gabby_charcoal_front__61062 I used to think I had to have a red sequin dress so I got one and it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.  I think this gunmetal silver sequin dress is more understated and perfect to catch the eye in a crowded bar or night club.

holly_anna_vertical_square_front__05969 I really can’t take my eyes off this dress, fun but sophisticated and perfect to wear on a day when you’re not in the mood for your curves.

hollyanna_dress_digital_love_pink_front__86430 I’d wear this over a pair of shiny black leggings and some killer boots.

madame_dress_crush_velvet_black_front__87936 Uh, hello hot date dress!

medusa_black_front__20221 Leather skater dresses in black and white, I want them both.

medusa_white_front__36588 pearl_tonal_floral_front__56965 Because I have really broad shoulders, I don’t often like to wear strapless dresses or tops but I’m kind of in love with this and at only £25 its a steal! Shop MotelRocks.com.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal Game On Dress Nasty Gal Patent Geometric Tote Naty Gal Bones Muscle Tee

This bones muscle tee reminds me of the heat in Australia and makes me miss it so much. Where is my Aussie husband so I can live in Australia where the sun actually shines!?

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