Feeling Disconnected? Stay Home

March 7, 2011

Sometimes I find I get so sucked into the Internet and life that in the quite moments I feel disconnected.  Eventually this feeling becomes a nagging feeling and I start fantasizing about going back to a farm to plant some vegetables so I can re-connect to real life.

Of course this isnt always possible, but Ive happened on some ways that help me to feel connected to reality.

Buy Locally Grown


A few months ago I decided to have an organic vegetable box delivered to me once a week from my local farm through a company called Riverford Organics who in fact deliver from farms all over England and some in Europe.  My weekly food is picked that morning and delivered to me fresh on my doorstep most likely with dirt still stuck to it.

I like how this feels, to wash the dirt off, knowing that there are no chemicals in my food and that it hasnt had to travel long distances to get to me.  I know it is also fresh out of the ground so as healthy as it can be!  And I like that it was lovingly grown by local farmers.

Eating this way helps me feel connected to the earth and my surrounding community.

Buy Locally Made

Ive also recently been spending some time on a website called Etsy.com.  Now most of you have probably heard of the site, as had I, but I had never really visited it, assuming it was for Americans only.

Well, I had a look on it, and noticed you can search locally.  I live in a small coastal town in beautiful Cornwall in England.  Cornwall is full of farmers and arty types so I figured Im sure there must be people selling their hand made things on there!  And I was right! There were 10 pages of local folks and I loved a handful of the items made.  It felt good shopping from people nearby who had handmade the items.  I felt connected.  Like I had done a good deed in many ways.

Instead of buying something plastic and mass produced, buy locally and handmade.  Not only are you supporting people around you and stepping lighter on Mother Earth, but you’re helping yourself to stay grounded in this overwhelmingly technological life.

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