Galaxy Rox Gemstone Jewellery

November 15, 2013

Being a closet hippie, I love my crystals. I’ve had crystal healings and I have a select few on my windowsill soaking up sunshine and moonlight and exchanging bad vibes for good. The thing is, I am not your typical hippie, I like wearing shoes, my style is more punk than tie dye and I’m not that keen on patchouli, so you don’t see me walking around wearing crystals. Galaxy Rox‘s gemstone jewellery has changed all that. Their collection of necklaces and rings made from various crystal gemstones is absolutely beautiful. Amethyst clusters nestled into a bed of cast silver to wear around your neck close to your heart chakra and rings made entirely out of the gemstone themselves, you could almost thrust out your hand and shout “by the power of Mother Earth!”.

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Galaxy Rox

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  • Sarah November 15, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    You should never have shown me this. Now I want EVERYTHING 😉 xo