Hello Spring!

April 16, 2015


So England was treated to two days of warmth and sunshine… 

And it was GLORIOUS!

As someone who grew up in the Southern Hemisphere, 20+ degrees celcius, flip flops and bare arms is the NORM. Life feels normal when it’s warm and sunny, I finally get why the British think I’m weird when I complain that it’s freezing at 15 degrees because they all start complaining that it’s boiling at 22 degrees!

So yesterday my mother and I took a walk through our favourite park to greet the new blossoms.

hello-spring04 hello-spring02 hello-spring03

Christchurch Park in Ipswich is quite a large park on a hill and it is full of ancient trees and wide open spaces. There is such a joyful energy in this park, my mood instantly lifts as soon as I enter it. Within the grounds stand Christchurch Mansion which has been there since the Tudor times and is full of paintings of the family members who lived in it as well as other artefacts from days gone by. But for me, the park is where the magic lies.

hello-spring01 hello-spring05 hello-spring06

I would say Spring is my favourite time of year, the atmosphere is full of the feeling of new beginnings and the weather is not too hot or too cold. Flowers and baby animals abound and get to open my windows and wear flip flops again for the first time since October.

hello-spring09 hello-spring10 hello-spring11

After a long stroll and a lick of ice cream in the park, we ambled back home, popping into the Ipswich Museum where I met this guy…


The ground floor is full of taxidermified animals and we took a moment to imagine the world before the plague of humans and how incredible our planet must have looked with lush growth and animals wild and free, before they became pets and cattle.

Having worked up quite the thirst, we decided that cider in the sunshine was a very good idea and had a giggle at this totally British comment…

British Weather Aspall Cider Aspall Draft Cider

It was such a pleasure to find a pub that had a large garden with a non-smoking section so that those of us who don’t smoke can also enjoy sitting outside without having to breathe in everyone’s cigarette smoke.

We are now back to below 15 degrees weather, altho the sun is still shining and giving us all a pep in our step in eagerness for the warmer months. I did remark that it would be a lot more bearable if the summer/winter time was 50/50 instead of 80/20, seems a bit unfair that half the world has to endure winter for most of the year!

Still, long winters motivate me to design my life in such a way that I can spend then in the southern hemisphere instead. My current plan is to become a stand up paddleboarding instructor and spend next winter teaching in the warmer part of the world 🙂

Who’s got travel plans for the warmer months?

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  • Lauren Brown April 17, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    Summer in a post! Gorgeous pictures 🙂

    L x


  • Eden Mint April 18, 2015 at 2:47 pm

    I am the same way, I like the weather when it’s hot! Fortunately Toronto gets hot summers, but they only last for a couple of months. Beautiful photos by the way, the trees haven’t begun to bloom here yet, although the weather has finally starting to stay in the double digits.


  • Isabella April 20, 2015 at 11:51 am

    Love this post post and it’s mega spring vibes! Wish I could say we’re experiencing the same in Australia as we transition into winter! Eeep!

    Bella x


    • The Dame Intl April 20, 2015 at 8:39 pm

      Well I wish I lived in Australia so don’t complain :p xx