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August 7, 2014

I have recently moved across country from Suffolk back to Cornwall and am staying with a friend for the summer until I can look for a new home in September when people go away for the winter and there are more homes for rent. Until then, I am left window shopping for home wares…

Zara Home

zara home july 2014

Every time I go into Zara Home, I kind of just want to fall on the floor and roll around in all the gloriousness of the store… Nobody ever said I wasn’t a weirdo! Zara Home has A LOT of stuff, I went back three weeks just in their New Arrivals section online and this is what I picked. A lot of it is a little out of my price range but I can still dream and I can also be inspired to know what to look for in charity stores and other independent stores selling similar items.

I also definitely have a penchant for jewel colours any time of the year and that hasn’t changed for a long time. When it comes to home decor, I love to have a clean minimalist base to add textures and deep colours to. When I finally find the perfect home, I will be filling it with all the independent and local artwork I can afford. In the meantime, I like these touches of colour and texture from Zara Home and especially the unique globes as an¬†expression of my wanderlust heart.

Wilkinson Home

wilko home july 2014

If you’ve often overlooked Wilkinson you will be surprised at the fabulous and totally affordable home wears they stock. Every few months I go in to find some absolute gems. I’ve had my eye on that rocking horse for a while now and I know that ocean themed pillow seems out of place in this selection but I just can’t say no to it.

H&M Home

h and m home july 2014

I’m really digging the edgy home decor items I found on the H&M Home section of their website. Gorgeous jewels tones in velvet and leather textures, totally meets my aesthetic. Those bow hooks also come in a variety of colours too. Can you say scalloped leather cushion!? Yes please!

I absolutely CANNOT wait to move into my new home! My bedroom furniture (which you can see in this Room Tour video I did right before I moved) is all black wood and glass and these home wear items would go perfectly with it.

What’s caught your eye in this collection, do we share the same aesthetic? Where do you like to shop for affordable home decor?

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  • Annie Goddard August 7, 2014 at 7:52 pm

    Wilkos is fabulous. I’m a budget and looking for some new bedding – I’ve got my eyes on several bits there. And their own range beauty stuff is pretty good, especially the shower gel. They really seem to have upped their game. I’m always in there.