How To Be Popular and Uplevel Your Business

March 4, 2015


uplevel your busnessAll of us want to stand out in the crowd and be chosen to do business with. These days customers are spoiled for choice and if you don’t have a very unique brand, they will go for the person who gives the most value.

There is a two step process to creating raving fans and converting them into “shut up and take my money” clients and they go hand in hand.

Be Visible and Give Value

One of my clients expressed his concern last week that he is just one of a million other web and graphic designers, how is he meant to compete in such a saturated market?

Well, aside from the fact that you need to find a way to differentiate yourself if possible, you need to show up and be seen and when you do that, you need to give excellent value.

You will notice these days that there is a free webinar on every subject under the sun and if you want to know more on a subject you can find hundreds of Youtube videos on the subject.

If you don’t put yourself out there, no one is going to know you have a service for sale. 

There are a lot of other clarity, confidence and transition coaches out there doing the exact same thing that I am doing but that doesn’t stop me from offering and marketing my services because those other coaches are not like me and don’t have my unique life experience that I can bring to my coaching sessions.

But for me to truly stand out and convert passers by into clients, I need to give give give massive value. This means writing inspiring and motivating content, sharing helpful information and being of service in Facebook networking groups wherever I can. Some people also do this by way of Youtube videos and webinars. The point is, you gotta show up and be valuable.

If you give a lot of value, people will know you for that.

Sure, there may be hundreds of others in the same line of business as you, but they aren’t you and they don’t have your unique set of gifts, talents and life experience and those three things are what differentiate you from the herd.

At the end of the day, people will work with those who they relate to or are drawn to, but they can’t find you if you don’t show up and make yourself known.

Be visible, give value and you BECOME valuable. 

Take Star Khechara for example. She’s built a six figure business without paid advertising and pretty much being a total business renegade, shirking the standard “envision your ideal client down to what colour panties they wear on a Tuesday” to instead do what she calls “monetising yourself”.

She gave massive value in the way of super helpful Youtube videos for the tech inept which sold people on her paid online courses and through that she built a thriving Facebook group where she continues to give massive value.

Sure, you can find tons of Youtube videos to help non-techy people but how many people are wearing cat ears and being their absolute authentic, creative and unconventional selves while doing so?

Star, by being unapologetically herself, showed other people that you CAN create a thriving and lucrative business without conforming and that in itself is hugely valuable.

She showed up as herself and monetized her unique brand.

Another great example of a wealthy and alternative business woman is Kimra Luna. She’s made half a million dollars in her first year of business. She’s tattooed, blue haired and a mother of soon to be three. She’s even retired her husband and with her raving fans, is giving Marie Forleo a run for her money.

Kimra’s way of business is to run free webinars teaching you how to run systems in your business and even though she gives such valuable information, it doesn’t take away from her great online program.

Show up.

Be your unique self.

Be helpful.

Attract ideal clients who are super into your brand.


How can you show up and give value in order to uplevel your business this week?

Ready to bite the bullet and become your own boss but need a confidence boost and a solid, clear plan to make it happen? I’m your dame, let’s make this happen, click here for more details.


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  • Manpreet March 8, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    Oh! I can’t tell you how much I needed this post. Every idea I think of, it has already been done. Then I just don’t do it myself thinking that people would call me a cheater or might just not want it because there are many others who are selling the same thing. But then, as you said, I am unique and my way would always be different from others. Right?
    Thanks for this advice. I am truly thankful to you. When I sat in front of my laptop looking for some inspiration, my best friend warned me saying that internet is a depressing place now and you hardly find some inspiration over there nowadays. You proved him wrong. A BIG thanks to you for that <3

    • The Dame Intl March 10, 2015 at 12:29 am

      I’m so glad you found my post helpful Manpreet <3

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