How To Get Started With Your Online Business

December 1, 2014

start an online business

I am now part of a handful of amazing Facebook groups full of entrepreneurial and small business owning women who support and inspire me every day. Without these groups I would be at a total loss while I am creating my own business.

Over the weekend I was able to pay it forward by giving some advice to a young lady who wanted to know how to turn her skills into a business of her own and become self employed. She just didn’t know where to start. She told us how people are always asking her to design websites for them as this is something that she is good at but that she isn’t sure if she’s good enough at it to actually charge for it.

I’ve been there.

I’ve tinkered with web design and so on for over a decade, when I told people I did it, they’d ask if I could do it for them and I’d come up with some kind of excuse. Of course I can do it for myself, but for other people, and for money? I wasn’t sure I was skilled enough.

Over the years my skills have gotten better and better and now I am running a business designing basic WordPress websites for my clients and getting their businesses online and attracting clients with inviting, user friendly websites that collect interested people’s emails as well as sharing valuable information across their social media.

I explained to this young lady that everyone is at a different level. You don’t need to be hot shit to start a business doing what you enjoy, you just need to be better at it and more efficient than some other people, the people who need your skills.

Personally, web design and internet stuff and general computer stuff is my life, I spend all day every day online, I am constantly learning and practicing and teaching myself and it’s become so second nature that I didn’t even realise that there are tons of people out there who don’t know their WordPress from their Twitter!

It only dawned on me when the ladies in my master mind call pointed it out to me, that they had coaching practices but no website. “No website!?” I thought to myself! But it’s true, they are great at coaching people but wouldn’t know the first thing about tech stuff or social media or online best practices, all of the stuff I know all about and with their encouragement, I started my online business, getting businesses online so that people can gain more clients and grow their business.

So, where to start when you want to become self-employed with an online business?

  • Get clear on what it is you do and how you can help
  • Decide who you want to help
  • Create a website and social media profiles so that people can find you and find out about you
  • Network on Facebook groups and comment on blogs in your industry
  • Do your best and keep learning

That’s how you get started with your online business. After that, you do good work, share your happy customer’s testimonials, and advertise to gain even more clients.

But most of all, you just do it. Bite the bullet and do it. Choose yourself. 🙂

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