How To Survive Summertime When You Have Thick Thighs

April 22, 2015

thick-thighs2Skin on skin creates friction and in the summertime, sweaty friction. Thick thighs may be sexy, but they’re not all that comfortable in warmer weather. I’ve found the following two items to be absolute essential to survive the summer with thick thighs.

1. Talcum Powder

This works for #bigbuttproblems too, girls with butt cleavage will know what I mean! When it’s too hot to wear Spanx, talcum powder saves the day creating smoothness and mopping up sweat and I never go anywhere without it! I picked up this cute container of talcum powder from TKMaxx and it’s small enough to fit in my hand bag 🙂


2. Spanx

I buy the ones that extend down the legs and wear them under skirts and dresses because it means my thighs can comfortably rub together without causing me pain or sticking together, the bonus is that they also smooth out my belly which is also helpful.


Sleep with a pillow between your legs.

In the summer, it’s too hot to wear trousers to bed and because I’m a side sleeper, my thighs tend to stick together. A pillow between my thighs means I can sleep in peace!

I’d love to know how my fellow #thickthighs sisters cope with summertime, let us know in the comments!

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