I Had New Photos Taken!

March 2, 2015

So I’ve been wanting some “profesh” photos of me for my websites for ages and had just not got round to it. Recently I spotted the one and only graffitied wall in my town and new that’s where I wanted the photos taken. So one rare sunny day a couple weeks ago I grabbed my friend and handed her my camera and said “shoot”!

Oh my, but as soon as I’m in front of a camera I get all goofy and just want to pull faces! It’s so hard for me to be serious so most of the shot were just me pulling stupid faces but here are the ones I really liked and are now in pride of place on my coaching website.

Self Made Dame

{shirt: New Look, skirt: H&M}Female Entrepreneur

It’s important for me to be authentically myself, I believe it also attracts the kind of people I really want to work with too, that’s why I’m not afraid of swearing in business either, it’s really hard for me to conform so why do it?

I’ve been doing a lot of pondering this February, as predicted in last month’s tarotscope for Aquarius. Lot’s of planning and pondering has been happening and I am so, so happy that I bit the bullet and went ahead with a coaching business. I LOVE coaching, it is SO rewarding to help people see more clearly and overcome their fears and blocks and finally move forward in their lives.

I’m specifically working with people who want to leave their day job and create their dream job but need the confidence, clarity and a specific plan to make it happen. So not really business coaching, more like transition coaching. A lot of what gets in our way before making a change is all the “what if’s” and “am I good enough’s” and “what the hell am I doing’s” – with the help of someone outside of your life who can see new avenues and opportunities that you would never have even considered as well as see the courage and capabilities in you that you may doubt is one of the best investment you can make in your life.

Because of my unique and unconventional style and my colourful back story, I attract the kinds of people I would love to work with, creative and quirky people who have been stuck in a corporate day job for too long and are desperate to make the jump into doing the fun, awesome and creative work they love. Making this leap not only helps them feel like life has a purpose, but it affects their whole lives, their relationships, their mental state, their decision making. It’s a wonderful thing.

Now I want to know, if you’re not doing the work you love, what would you really love to be doing instead? Need inspiration, check out these interviews with self made dames who’ve figured it out.

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