I Prefer Fetish Clubs Over Regular Clubs

November 7, 2013

These days I don’t go out very often, I’m almost 35 and I started clubbing at 14, I’ve been there, done that and you eventually grow out of the meat market that is most nightclubs. That is, until I discovered fetish clubs.


[This year’s Halloween costume]

People are free to express themselves however they choose, without ridicule. This allows for some entertaining and sometimes bizarre behaviour. I love it all.

It’s an eye opening and entertaining experience. You will see things you never thought you would be in the same room to experience and at first it can be a shock but depending on your disposition, you will soon learn to live and let live or join in!


[At Erotica Expo]

You are generally left alone as the men are used to picking up on the vibe of whether or not you  are dominant or submissive by nature. And if you don’t like someone’s attention, they will most likely respect your deflection without pushing the issue. If not, there are dungeon mistresses that will put them back in their place.

You don’t have to be a part of the BDSM activities to have a good time. There are usually two rooms; a dance floor and a play room at the back. The music is usually always good and because of the nature of the club, lots of interesting eye candy.

People dress up. Fetish clubs are about letting your freak flag fly, letting go of inhibitions (its not unusual to see totally naked people) and expressing yourself however you wish. I freakin’ LOVE to dress up!

It’s healthy for society. I really believe that having a space where people can indulge their hidden selves is healthy for society as a whole. If we deny our inner desires, like pimples, they come out in ugly ways before long. In a fetish club, you can wear a mask and no one will ever know who you are in daylight, and your office colleagues will never know who you really are in the darkness.

Fetish clubs are entertaining, enlightening, freeing and unabashed and you will always meet incredibly interesting and often highly intelligent people something I find sorely lacking in your run of the mill nightclub.


Here’s a funny story about my outfit in the above picture. In February 2011 I had just landed from a short trip to New York City and my friends had a spare ticket to Torture Garden‘s Valentine’s Ball, having only a carry on luggage full of clothes for snow, I had to come up with a suitable outfit. I decided to sew my wine red coloured rose fishnet tights to my bra and just go like that! I bought some hair extensions and some sequins which I stuck to my face with nail polish and I was good to go. The funny part was attaching the tights to my bra with the help of my best friend Emily. I put the bra and tights on inside out and she pinned the tights to the bra, but when we tried to take it off, the pins kept sticking into my big bum which caused us to erupt into fits of laughter which made it even harder to get the dame thing off! I guess you had to be there… By the way, I don’t smoke anymore!

If you have never been to a fetish club before, I would recommend starting with Torture Garden, it’s more of a show than a real BDSM activities club. If however you aren’t bothered by kink, I highly recommend Mistress Absolute’s Subversion. If you are a dominant woman, head over to Femdom club Pedestal.

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