Interview: Joseph Hunter

October 21, 2013

I had the pleasure of meeting Joseph Hunter while walking around at the London Tattoo Convention last month. At first his awesome t shirt caught my eye and then his dashing good looks on his 6’5 frame. I stopped him and asked him if he wouldn’t mind me taking a photo of him for this blog and he obliged and we stayed in touch. The photo I shot of him proved extremely popular on tumblr so I asked him if he would like to do an interview with me. Joe models t shirts by Tattoo Fest Brand also known as TFB Clothing who are a tattoo art collective putting the artwork of mainly European tattooist on t-shirts.

Joseph Hunter for TFB Clothing

What do you do?: I work for Evans Cycles at their head office in Gatwick in their warranty department, but have done a million different things from car mechanic to hairdresser to band tour manager and record label work to landscape gardener and everything in between!

What are you into? I love riding bikes be it fixed gear, mountain or road, I enjoy it all. I play basketball and love the gym and exercise generally, so anything that gets the heart rate up I’m in! I love tattoos and have worked in a couple of tattoo shops which kind of added to my love of everything tattoo and the people involved. Also into my fashion and design, clothes, music, film and anything mechanical.

Who do you get tattooed by? I get tattooed pretty regularly because I have a couple of friends who tattoo me, so if they are quiet at the shop I go get something! I’m not too fussed by what I get but it’s a constant work in progress. I want a ship on my back and will have my front and sides done too.

Who are your favourite tattoo artists? Tim Hendricks, mostly for the person he is, same with the Gypsy Gentleman, Dan Santoro, Freddy Corbin, Xed LeHead.

Can you describe your tattoo style? Old school, hard lines, bold, sailor.

What inspires you? People, I’m visually inspired so I love anything or anyone who is different from the mainstream.

You’ve done many things in your life, what was your favourite job? Retail, I love to be around people, make them feel good, their energy, talking and discovering.

joseph hunter

Favourite brands/shops? Carhartt, Dickies, Alfred Perry, huff, Urban Industries, only, Levi, American Apparel.

Who are your style icons? Definitely my dad. He always went in the opposite direction of everyone else. If everyone had long hair, his was shaved but it was never conscious, he just naturally rebelled against the status quo and always looked smart and ahead of the game.

Where are your favourite places in London? Spitalfields and Covent Garden. I love the melting pot of people, culture and creativity.

Where in the world would you most like to visit? San Francisco and just California in general, the lifestyle appeals to me.

Describe your dream life: Owning a coffee shop come bike and clothing store all in one that I live above in a place where I can ride my bike everywhere, probably San Fran!

What would you say you are most talented at? I can turn my hand to anything I set my mind to, so I’m adaptable and versatile.

Favourite websites/blogs? Shockmansion, Hypebeast, 14 Bike Co.

What are your biggest life lessons? Remember to stay positive. I don’t think there is such a thing as a wrong decision, it’s all lessons, it all teaches you something and in the end, none of it matters so you just gotta roll with the punches.

Find Joe online at Instagram and Tumblr.

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