July Favourites

August 6, 2014

Here’s my slightly late July Favourites video, the first of my videos shot on my DSLR which is a bit disconcerting when you have no idea what you look like. I have the Canon 500D which doesn’t have the flip out screen to be able to see which I think the 700D does. I just put a mirror next to the camera. Also have no idea if or when the memory card will run out so you just go and hope it all got filmed! Still, I think it turned out alright. I bought a mic for the camera but the jack doesn’t fit my model and when I bought an extension jack, they sent me one too big, instead of the smaller size I need! Luckily iMovie can fix my sound for me so it’s not too bad.

Looking forward to the day when I have Adobe Premier or Final Cut as I find iMovie very boring, I can’t really add that many effects or graphics etc but it’s still early days with my videos so there’s time.

Hope you enjoyed the video, the next video I’ll do will be a tattoos & piercings video so watch out for that one by subscribing to my channel 😉

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