Life As An Experiment

February 26, 2013

I’ve led a pretty varied and unconventional life.  From office worker to stable hand, stripper and dominatrix to animal care volunteer and freelance writer and photographer.  I’ve followed my heart wherever it may lead and learned a lot of lessons.  My life has been an adventure and I am always looking forward to the next experience.


Even though I’ve been pretty adventurous in my life, I often find myself deliberating over my next decision. Should I, shouldn’t I. I’ve wasted a lot of time in life by not coming to a decision and have missed out on some big dreams because I didn’t have the confidence to do what I really wanted to do. You would have thought I would have grown out of that by now, but I still find myself stalling, uming and ahing.

Last week I watched the entire first season of Girls and one phrase in one episode stuck out for me. Jessa (the free spirited gypsy one) said something about experimenting with life for the story.

Ever since then, every time I’m stumped about a decision, I tell myself, what if you just treated it as an experiment? And immediately the pressure is off and I have a better gauge of whether or not I really want to do something. I can then tell if it’s something I can do without or if it’s something I really want to experience.

Experiment with experiences.

You would think someone like me never holds back, but I do. A lot. I’ve experimented enough to know how hard one can mess up in life but it also means I have some rip roaring stories to tell and I won’t die on my death bed with too many regrets at not doing things.

There are still things I want to do that I hold back from and it’s now time I treated these things as experiments instead of must do’s whatever the case.

Choosing to do something for the story it will tell is a much better way of making decisions than deliberating on should or shouldn’t.  Now I just ask myself, will it be a cool story one day?

What have you done for the story? Tell us in the comments!

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