London Edge Alternative Fashion Expo And UGLY Models Audition

January 21, 2013

This weekend from the 25th-27th I will be attending the LondonEdge alternative fashion expo at Olympia in London where UGLY models agency will be auditioning alternative and unique people to win a contract with them.

LondonEdge 2013

In its 14th year, LondonEdge will showcase an incredible array of brands and some of the most creative and exciting ‘niches’ in fashion and accessories. Bringing everything from dramatic footwear and elaborate corsets to body piercing merchandise, vintage, retro, 40s, 50s, 60s, 80s, mod, fancy dress, hosiery, swimwear and more.

LondonEdge Alternative Lifestyle Expo

With a unique outlook on modelling, UGLY Models philosophy is simple, ‘any beauty can be airbrushed but we want our look to have true character’. With over 1,000 models on their books ranging from 18 -100 year olds, sizes 6 – 30, UGLY Models have the most individual, wacky and peculiar looks in the industry. As well as covering the extraordinary, niche market with UGLY Models, the sister company Rage focuses on more traditional looking models so with both agencies they are able to fit the right face to the right job.

LondonEdge Alt Style Expo

UGLY Models will be joining LondonEdge at Olympia to seek out and recruit a new model to win a 12-month contract and photo shoot. Helping them to hunt and take pictures is renowned professional photographer Matilda Temperley.

UGLY's Model, Lauren Parsons

Recruitment will go ahead on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th with traders and visitors and then will open to non traders on Sunday 27th.

UGLY Models, Greg Brown

To attend and audition on Sunday afternoon applicants must first pre-register by emailing Carole Hunter (carole.hunter@londonedge. com) with full contact details and a photo. A selection will then be shortlisted to join the event on Sunday and get one step closer to being on the UGLY Models books.

IMG_6125I am really looking forward to checking out what’s fresh in the alt fashion scene and meeting the people who make the threads.  If you’re in London you should come check it out!

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  • Everyone looks so cool here. Great looks and style. No one here is ugly!

  • I think its just a catchy name for an alternative models agency 😉

  • Wait till you see what I have coming up this Sunday, more spidey awesomesauce!

  • wow, fantastic styles here. Very inspiring! great motto, I think if you’re passionate about fashion and style, your look should have true character, and it’s nice to see a real agency taking this into consideration. I love to look at existing fashions and styles for inspiration for my own looks. I favour brands like disturbia clothing, but also like to take bits and pieces from high street stores too. Thanks for sharing! Amy.