London Fashion Week 2012: Highlights

February 18, 2012

Today I decided to take my camera down to Somerset House for London Fashion Week and see what I could shoot.  I ended up shooting over 300 photos…

While Ive edited them down somewhat, there are still a whole load Id love to share with you but because its 3am and will take me a while to upload them all into a post on here, Im leaving you with my highlights of the day in the meantime…

This is my favourite photo of the day.  This woman’s curly flame red hair went so beautifully with her deep teal coat and the lighting just made it all pop.

This is my first ever time taking street style photos, Im still figuring out which way the exposure needs to go when the light changes and need to switch over to shooting in RAW for cleaner images too.

I loved the freedom to shoot people up close without them thinking it was strange.  Fashionistas expect photographers to love their style and I sure did my best to capture as much cool and quirky style as I could in the 3 hours I was there.

These beautiful gloves are being worn by the lovely Sandra of 5inchandup who is one of my favourite fashion bloggs.  She was kind enough to chat to me and let me take a couple shots of her gorgeous gloves even though I was a total stranger.  She is just as stunning in person as she is in her photos, even more so actually as she is so sweet and not at all stuck up.

I literally ran after this girl when I spotted her.  No one else seemed interested in her and I was on the other side of the entrance so I am so glad that I got to snap this shot.

I found that I was shooting a lot of people no one else seems to want to shoot.  Everyone was waiting for the fashion famous, none of which I recognised.

This lady’s style really grabbed me, it’s edgy and feminine and I love her hair!

So, that’s all you’re getting for the moment, I will be sleeping most of the day and then working on a more in-depth post from Day 1 of London Fashion Week before heading out to dance the night away with my friends.

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  • rhii February 18, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    I adore that first shot! And it’s lovely to see some shots that don’t rely on the celebrity to make the photo.

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