London Tattoo Convention 2013

October 2, 2013

I almost didn’t go to the London Tattoo Convention this year. I’m saving up to return to South Africa in November and I figured it would be a nasty kind of torture to go and desperately want more work done while not being able to indulge. The last tattoo I got was by Ian Parkin at the Brighton Tattoo Convention in February and I am itching to finish my arms and cover up some ugly old tattoos I had done when I was still stupid about tattoos.


In the end I am glad that I went. I caught many of the performers, discovered great new artists, indulged in people watching, met some beautiful people and caught up with others in the business like Alice who publishes Things and Ink magazine and Antony Flemming.


The people:


LTC11IMG_3210LTC12IMG_3264 LTC13IMG_3276


LTC15IMG_3301 IMG_3320LTC16 IMG_3331

Chris Garver.



IMG_3361 IMG_3377

These two were so lovely, they spoke Spanish and were just so friendly.


This is Joe. After I stopped rubbernecking at him, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind letting me take a photo of him for my blog. This photo does not do him justice because he has the most beautiful pair of hazel eyes. I love the t-shirt he is wearing too, its by Tattoo Fest Brand. What a handsome man.


LTC19IMG_3427 IMG_3444

LTC20 IMG_3463


Antony Flemming and his girlfriend Belle Jorden.

The Performers:




Janet Fischietto.

IMG_3578The Nerdy Stripper.

IMG_3471 IMG_3491 LTC23 LTC24Elegy Ellem.

IMG_3994 IMG_3996 IMG_4000 IMG_4011 LTC25Cervena Fox.


Teta Maria, Fuel Girls.

IMG_3777 FG3 FG4 IMG_3836

Sasha Flexy, Fuel Girls.


IMG_3906 IMG_3921

Leah Debrincat, Fuel Girls.


IMG_3942 FG6 IMG_3965 IMG_3972 IMG_3989

This is the third time I have been to the London Tattoo Convention. The first time I went was to the very first one and it’s where I got my very first tattoos (the words Love and Peace inside my wrists). Each year I go, I discover even more amazing artists and am newly inspired to keep saving for the best that I can afford.

Did you go this year? What did you think? Did you get work done?

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