LondonEdge Alternative Fashion Expo Teaser

January 29, 2013

I was invited to attend the LondonEdge Alternative Fashion Trade Expo over the weekend and I am so grateful for the opportunity (thanks Canoe Inc PR!) because I met so many awesome people and creatives and made some great contacts, as well as scoring some awesome swag!

I took over 400 photos at the event which I still have to go through and edit and then write up into blog posts, so please bare with me as I get this done amongst the myriad of other things I have on the go.

Here are some Instagram shots I took to tide you over in the meantime!

first class train

Managed to score a First Class train ticket to London for ¬£12! From now on I book my tickets far in advance to try and keep doing this not least because the First Class carriages are quiet and you get free drinks and snacks ūüôā

print pin up swing dress by vanity project

This incredible dress and many more to-die-for pin up swing and wiggle dresses were on display by Vanity Project. ¬†I wanted to buy everything and the proprietor/dress maker was such a foxy lady who wore her designs like nobody’s business!

myself and goddess cleo on our way to club pedestal

Friday night I also went to Club Pedestal with my gorgeous friend Goddess Cleo.

red strappy platform fetish shoes

These very sexy shoes are surprisingly comfortable!  Had them a couple years and never wore them, bought by one of my shoe fetish clients haha!

owen skater model for ugly modelsUgly Models were recruiting new alternative, unique and unconventional models for their books and while I was sat chatting to their photographer a group of young skater boys came by to pilfer from the big bowl of sweets on the table.  One of them, the boy in the picture, caught my eye because of his unique eyes and effervescent character.  I suggested to the photographer that he test shoot him but he said they had enough skater boys.  I suggested he not look at the boy as a skater but rather at his unusual face.  He test shot him and I hope he gets work, I think he would do well as an actor too.  This scenario also got me thinking about starting a sideline business as a freelance model scout as I see interesting and beautiful people everywhere!

xpensive shit jumper by fatnek

Upstairs at the expo were all the skate brands and I got to meet a couple guys who had started their own line with their own designs and artwork on them. ¬†I was really cold that day and managed to talk the cool guy behind Fatnek Clothing to sell me one of his awesome jumpers. ¬†I am still wearing it now and I am dreading washing it because I’m scared that I’ll wash the cosy out of it! This jumper, which says “xpensive shit!” on the front is the cosiest thing since hugging a sheep! ¬†It is so warm and I adore it. ¬†Jonathan’s designs are clever and unique and that’s what I like most about clothes – that they stand out in an intelligent way.

sourpuss Classy Dame bag in red

Another favourite discovery of mine was Sourpuss Clothing who had so much amazing stuff but when my eyes landed on this incredible bag I was swooning so hard I could hardly pay attention to what the¬†proprietor¬†was telling me! ¬†She must’ve seen how hard I was crushing on this bag because she offered that I buy it before they pack up on the last day even though stock is not normally sold at a trade show. ¬†She made my day! ¬†And then when I went back on Sunday to pick the bag up, I was over the moon to discover that this ruby red stud effect patent leather hand bag is called ‘The Classy Dame’! ¬†Obviously it was made for me!

rik lee nightcall brand t shirts

If that weekend wasn’t enough, I came home to a package from Nightcall Brand Clothing by my favourite illustrator, Rik Lee. ¬†If you haven’t checked out his stuff yet, do it now!

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