Loving Rock Love Jewellery

November 28, 2013

Rock Love is a celeb favourite and now a fave of mine too. I am a big fan of silver jewellery so sorry to fans of gold, but you won’t see that round these parts! What I love about Rock Love Jewellery’s newest collection is the beautiful attention to detail, the necklace below has an alchemy symbol with the words  in ancient rune as well as a tiny silver zodiac symbol.

BlueBrimstoneAlchemyNecklaces ClockworkEarrings PurpleAstraPetas PurpleElementNecklace RainbowAstraPetas TourmalineNecklace WebAristocrat WebChevronEarring WebChevronPendant WebFlagEarring WebFlagPendant WebGarnet WebQueen YellowArsenicAlchemyNecklaces

I’d like this necklace above for my birthday, 5th February, so yes, Aquarius 😉

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  • Mia (protesque) December 1, 2013 at 1:16 pm

    Wow! The jewellery is amazing!
    Love, Mia