Minimalist Make Up for Travel and Time-Poor Dames

March 19, 2017

Minimalist Make Up LookWhen it comes to make up in my late 30’s, I find I really prefer a minimalist make up routine. I’m not sure if I’m subconsciously wanting to go in the opposite direction of the current trend of heavy make up with contouring, strobing, sharp brows and so on (probably), but I’ve found myself really enjoying wearing as minimal make up as possible. Not only is it easy, it’s fast, leaving me time for more important things in life. 

I grew up wearing make up every day, obsessed with beauty magazines – they piled up in stacks all around my bedroom until I realised I had an addiction and had to stop spending so much money on my habit.

I also had really bad and persistent cystic acne which crippled my confidence and forced me to wear heavy foundation just to try and make all the giant bumps on my face seem minimised.

Now that my skin has cleared up, I’ve gotten to know what my face looks like without too much enhancement and I pretty much just use 4-6 products, depending on how social I’m going to be that day.

I even my skin out with a very light foundation from Maybelline called Fit Me. It’s pretty sheer but it evens out the blotches and redness without totally masking my face. I then add a touch of highlighter to give me a more youthful glow, massage some cream blush onto the apples of my cheeks to give me life in the dead of winter and open up my eyes with mascara. Add a bit of lip balm and I’m done.

If I’m meeting friends for coffee, or working from a café that day, or simply want to add a bit more pretty, I’ll add a small lick of liquid eyeliner and define my lips with my fave, Matte Me Lip Cream from Sleek Make Up in Birthday Suit.

These days I rarely wear eyeshadow, perhaps because I have heavily hooded eyes which have only gotten heavier as I’ve gotten older, I get it from my mom and we’re going to get them removed together when we can afford to.

If I’m going out for dinner or dancing, I’ll wear eyeshadow, but I’ve really become used to my natural beauty only slightly enhanced by my minimalist make up routine.

I’ve decided to revive my old Youtube account this year, so I did a warm up video of me applying my minimalist make up look for you. I’d love it if you gave it a like and subscribed to my channel.

I’m planning on doing videos on healthy living, mental health, lifestyle bits and of course travel.

Video editing is one of my fave things to do and I’m always learning. Video is certainly the future, so I better jump on the bandwagon and make it my own!

Where do you stand with make up? Do you wear it? Have you minimised over the years? Has travel caused you to give up some make up things you used to do? Let us know in the comments!

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