My Top 5 Things To Do In Cornwall

August 19, 2015

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There are always plenty of things to do in Cornwall which is what makes it the perfect destination for a staycation. Having lived there on and off since 2006, it always feels like a home away from home. 

Even if you just want to get away and do nothing at all, Cornwall is waiting with open arms.

There’s just something about arriving on the coast of Cornwall, it feels wild and expansive and the moment you stand upon it’s cliffs you feel your troubles tenderly wash away on the wind, which there is plenty of, and sucked away by the waves.

In fact it’s scientifically proven that being on the beach is good for your health. It has to do with electrons and the movement of the ocean. Walking on the beach with bare feet literally adjusts your energy which is why we find it so calming and therapeutic.

If you do nothing else in Cornwall, spending time on the beach will be all the break that you need.

However if you’re looking for something more to bide your time taking a break from the hustle of every day life, here’s my top 5 things to do in Cornwall.

Try out Cornish cider

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There is plenty of cider in Cornwall to go around and all kinds of concoctions you could spend a very lazy, boozy afternoon exploring in order to find the best tipple for your tastebuds. Places like The Stable offer a great combination of hundreds of cider variations to test alongside some of the best pizza I’ve ever had! Their branch in Newquay overlooks the beautiful Fistral Beach and is the perfect place to watch the sunset over the ocean.

Walk the coastal path

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Cornwall has some of the best coastline around and you can pick up along the Coastal Path anywhere for as long as you like. They are well mapped and serviced and you will discover unparalleled views anywhere you visit.

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Here’s a little video I did of an impromptu hike along the cliffs at Hollywell Bay

Discover water sports

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From stand up paddle boarding to surfing to snorkelling to sea kayaking to wild swimming to coasteering, there is something for any level of adrenaline you wish to experience and plenty of schools and companies happy to share their passion with you.

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Who wouldn’t want to snorkel in waters like these?

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Go on a road trip

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There are so many beautiful little towns dotted all over Cornwall from trendy Falmouth to quaint St Agnes you will never get bored anywhere that you drive. Be sure to pack a cream tea picnic!

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Or stop by a roadside cafe like Strong Adolfos for a spot of lunch.

strong adolfos

Do nothing at all

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Honestly, the moment you drive into the Cornish county and see the rolling green hills and the far off ocean, you immediately take a sigh of relief. The ocean is calling to you and you will find solace in her loving embrace. Just what you need on a staycation in the UK.

You can win a holiday in Cornwall or Devon courtesy of Parkdean by taking their fun quiz before the 4th September. Good luck!

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