New Home Interior Wishlist

September 10, 2014

Hopefully I will be moving into my new home next month and can get all of my stuff out of storage and start re-decorating as I got rid of a bunch of furniture before I moved. I have been brainstorming what I want my new home to look like, the colour scheme, textiles, accessories…

Scouring Zara, H&M and Wilkinson Home as well as my trusty Amazon, I pulled together items I want and put them together with pictures of stuff I already have, to give me an idea of how I want it to look.

The Lounge

lounge decor

I have a love for 1920’s art deco furniture and the art of Tamara De Lempicka, so I already own the print that features here as well as the TV. Everything else, I need to get! The TV stand, bookshelf and sofa are from Ikea. The round side table and bar cart from Zara. The accessories and cushions from H&M Home, Wilko Home and Zara Home. I absolutely want a bar cart, even though I don’t really drink that much, I love the way they look. I’m not a fan of gold so I would look for a similar one in silver.

The colour scheme I am going for is much like this website, bold rich jewel colours with the basics being purple, turquoise, cerise and lime yellow on a background of white and light grey.

I toyed with going for a white book case and TV bench but felt it would be too overpowering if I already have white walls, which most rentals do. I also sometimes feel it can be too clinical and I like using natural elements as much as possible to always go for wood, metal and glass in my home decor.

I also like things to be linear and graphic (which explains my love for art deco) with just a hint of pattern. I’d rather use block colours and simple patterns than anything too floral or crazy.

Oh and of course that bookshelf will actually be filled with books!

The only thing I can’t decide on is a colour or pattern for the curtains, what do you think would go well?

The Bedroom

bedroom decor

As for my bedroom, there isn’t much change, I already have all of the furniture (altho an extra chest of drawers and a bedside table not pictured), except for the office chair, pin board and iMac. Oh and I also have a black glass and chrome shelf which I use as a make up desk and shoe shelf. I forgot to include that in the picture!

I like my bedroom to be boudoir like, dark reds and purples and luxurious fabrics with a hint of leather (my bed frame is black leather).

I don’t know why I don’t already have an enormous pin board to put pictures and inspiring artwork up above my desk, I’ve seen it a lot in the Everygirl home decor posts and it’s top of my list to add.

The reason my desk is in my bedroom is because in my last apartment, my room was so enormous, I had space for an office! In fact actually alternate between working at my desk and from my bed as my body gets sore from sitting at my desk. This is why I want to upgrade my office chair, I sit for long hours at my laptop!

I actually have quite a lot of art and prints in my bedroom. Prints I’ve collected from illustrators like Rik Lee or picked up at comic cons as well as my favourite Gustav Klimt paintings. There is actually a theme of strong, warrior like women going with me, mixed in with a photo of my favourite fetish and alternative model, Mosh and my idols Juliette Lewis and Mae West.

When I’m all moved in and settled you better believe I will do a house/room tour video and post! Click that link to watch the room tour of my bedroom just before I moved out and you’ll see some of the prints I have collected.

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